How SEO Boosts the Growth of Online E-commerce Store?

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Missing out on clicks means missing out on sales!

Can you imagine the impact an organic traffic has on your E-Commerce seo company. Well. if you don’t understand the value of traffic, it would be hard to make you understand the value of investing in SEO. When it comes to SEO and E-Commerce, SEO is not just individual clicks and impressions but, it speaks more of your brand and content.

SEO has come far beyond a manipulative marketing practice to an art of driving high quality traffic. Moreover, Sure, Panda, and Penguin have made it extremely difficult to cheat the system created by Google. Many of you have ignored SEO for other marketing media, but it is the basic food that your website needs to be healthy. Here are some stats that are enough to make you understand the importance of SEO.

1. 93% of the online experience starts with search engine.
2. According to 57% B2B marketers, SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.
3. 81% of consumers do online research before making a big purchase
4. 18% searches intended towards particular location results in sale in a day
5. 40% of E-Commerce sales came from a smartphone during the holiday season in 2018

Now, you might have understood what SEO holds for the future.

There is a study of an Australian business who is one of our esteemed clients dealing in home improvements and kitchen organizers. Well, the challenge was to work on their orders, ranking and traffic growth. It started with conducting full audits that included technical and strategic where issues were detected in terms of key pages, site structure, and the content.

During the whole process, we came across some essential SEO tips for E-Commerce website that worked well.

The “Key” lies in the “Words”

It’s always good to start with the primary focus on three important factors: relevancy, search volume, and ranking difficulty. Going for highly relevant keywords for your brand that matches the search results will give you good results when you narrow down your search criteria and avoid keywords that are broad and too competitive. Long tail keywords come with different searches that are unique and forms the majority of the world’s demand for information. Think from the user perspective and come up with the list that matches their intent.

Always be authentic!

A copy is never a success, and it’s similar in case of SEO as it can be the real enemy for any ecommerce website because it deals with product descriptions. You may see different ecommerce websites coming up with the same content due to filter and category options as these filters create different URL’s for the same content. So, it’s best to write what’s authentic and real.

I Couldn’t go where I was intended to go

Ignoring the need for clear navigation path is the biggest mistake that ecommerce stores make. It is crucial to link your product pages with the home page, which will help bots to crawl your website.

“Page 404 Not Found” Obviously not expected!

Having broken links on your website is a terrible idea if you are thinking of enhancing the user experience. Make sure that you run regular crawls to detect any 404 issues; otherwise, it may turn out to be a big disaster for your online store.

As a lot of time was invested in the SEO tactics, there had to be a major improvement. Here’s the data that speaks for the improvements that the company went on to have in just 6 months by following the above mentioned SEO tips for ecommerce websites.


Overall Shopify Data (All Sources)
Total sales are improved by87%
Online store sessions are improved by62%
Total orders are improved by38%
Average order value is improved by35%


Google Analytics Data (Organic Sources/SEO)
Users are improved by97.14%
New Users are improved by94.57%
Sessions are improved by100.03%
Transactions are improved by135.97%
Revenue is improved by207.81%

See How SEO Impacted the Growth of Online E-Commerce Store

Bavarian Clockworks Becomes a Content Marketing Machine By Reaching $1 Million in Sales

You might be shocked with the figure, but this is the reality as this company went from zero initial following to building a $1 million business. This brand new company faced issues with fan followings and a limited budget for which the SEO team had to focus on creating valuable content for the targeted audience. And, they started creating instructional and informational content such as clock care and repair. 

Due to the limited budget, they used organic means to promote their content and brand through guest posting, which helped them gain visibility online. After this, they had to work on the on site SEO, which included optimizing the organizational structure of the site’s content, creating interlinks between blog posts, and enhancing site loading time.

And whoa! They ended up hitting a 7 figure mark within a small span of 3 years. All thanks to the SEO for ecommerce website!

Take Home Notes

There could be “N” number of reasons you may optimize your site for, but the main aim is to increase sales. Many of you claim that SEO is no longer relevant, but to an important observation, SEO must be done in a right way and only then you will see visible results in terms of increased quality traffic, repeat visitors, and better conversions. 


Implement the above mentioned strategies and reap the benefits. Hope you found this useful, for further updates contact us!