Know How CMS Helps to Achieve Better SERPs Ranking

Author : Jayne Weymouth

CMS helps in SERP Rankings

Content paves the way for better SERPs ranking

How many of you agree with this statement?

Yes, content is the king and plays an important role in the website ranking. Well, you might have heard a lot about the content but, have you ever thought of managing your content. Once you have all the content with you, comes the point of placing it where it needs to be.

What about building a custom website?

Play smart with your content!

When it comes to picking the right platform for your content, the Content Management System is something that offers multiple benefits. If you are concerned about updating and controlling the content without the crutches of technological advancements.

What Is Content Management System?

Content Management System is a software specifically designed to create and modify content. It contains software applications that are used for Enterprise Content Management(ECM) and Web Content Management(WCM).

ECM is concerned with the management of critical information within the organization with the help of pre-set processes, strategies and tools. This allows businesses to obtain, organize, store and deliver critical information to the employees of the organization.

WCM is another branch of the content management system which is designed for managing the web content. It is of great importance for users with less programming languages that provide them with the authority, collaboration, and complete administration tools to manage website content.

Why Do We Need CMS?

Are you scared of geeky programmers?

When it comes to running a website, people imagine geeky programmers typing codes but, this is not the case with every website. Of course, codes form the basis of the website; however, you can still manage to run a website with lesser knowledge of codes.

Ignore the code and make fun with content!

Well, managing your content over CMS is really a fun part where you don’t need to focus much on the codes but, content. It has a user-friendly interface that helps in easily updating the content on the website which saves you from dealing with codes directly. For instance, you wish to make an update in the content that you have already published on the website, you can directly make changes without the need to interact with the developer every time.

Moreover, as a part of marketing, your business needs extensive participation on the part of consumers which can be easily achieved through content. Now, what if you don’t have CMS? You probably would rely on a webmaster every time you make an update in the content.

As a result, you may have to spend more on your content and you would not be able to enjoy any liberty as you will have to continuously rely on developers for the minor updates. This way you lack control of your content and website which could hinder your online success.

Apart from this, make sure that whichever content management system you take, should be aligned with your current needs and future growth. And, an SEO friendly CMS would surely help you accomplish your online goals.

What do you expect from CMS?

While working on most of the CMS projects, people often linger on two questions:

What would be the conversion rate?
When you are working on a website one of the most important things that determine your online success is your website’s conversion rate. When your website reaches the targeted audience, you would surely want your visitors to take some action pertaining to purchase, enquiry, and sign up. Well, this also requires an exceptional content strategy that could help drive great traffic to your website.

How well will it rank on Google?
As a client, you would be concerned about the ranking of your website on search engines. When it comes to scaling your website ranking in the SERPs, your content strategy plays an important role which has to be in compliance with Google’s latest updates. Moreover, an effective content strategy is the key to online success which includes updating the content on a regular basis.

How CMS Helps To Achieve Better Ranking?

Properly managed content is the driver of your search engine ranking!

It’s needless to say how important your content is. Now to manage your content a content management system is required to keep it in place which would help to achieve better SERPs ranking. But, the question is how?

There’s no substitute to a properly managed content!

When you are working on CMS, web-writing skills is the most important skill that you cannot afford to miss. Always remember that there is no substitute to a properly managed and effective content. By effectiveness, we mean that the content should possess the persuasion needed to attract a large number of consumers online. Moreover, the quality content is the major driving force towards increasing the site traffic which in turn improves the site authority. And, for this, you really need to fine tune your writing skills to reach that position.

Regularity is an important virtue!

Content should be such that people must take notice of it, and similar is the case with Google. Every time you make an update Google takes notice and re-indexes your website’s position. You are advised to make frequent updates in your content which would increase your website’s chances of getting a higher rank. And, with CMS it is quite to make frequent changes. You would always be on the mode to Test the Green!

Watch the trailer first, and then, go for the movie

When it comes to running a CMS website, Google will always rank your website based on the key highlights which are mentioned in your metadata. This would help your potential visitors know whether it’s worth visiting the website or not. It’s important that you have all the correct meta tags in place as this indicates the relevancy and value of your content. The three critical elements of Metadata are:

1) Title tags which include relevant keywords.
2) Meta description which gives a fair idea of what you are talking about.
3) Headings(H1) and Subheadings(H2, H3) which include the title and main topic of the page.

Crush your opponents with speed!

When it comes to the average time a website takes to load, there is great variability in the time that different CMS take to interact. A HubSpot’s CMS takes around 4 seconds while WordPress takes about 9 seconds to load. Well, there could be a relation between the page size and the loading time but, the selection of hosting providers for each website is also an important aspect that has to be considered.

Apart from this, to improve your CMS’s performance in terms of better ranking, you need to optimize images, avoid redirects and lesser use of bloated script which would help improve the loading time of the website.

You can use these tools to compress the image size:

1) JPEG & PNG Stripper
3) Online Image Optimizer
4) SuperGIF

Look simple, better yet effective!

For the better user experience, it is important to implement HTTPS and HTTP/2 which would help you achieve better ranking in SERPs. And, as a result, people have started migrating to HTTPS which is in compliance with Google’s demand for a secure and productive web. It is counted on as a ranking factor. A secure and well-hosted content management system would help you accomplish this.

What Are The Different CMS?

It’s a PHP blogging platform which is quite popular and great for the beginners. It’s easy to install and comes with a wide range of plugins and themes to choose. Moreover, it comes with a built-in image and multimedia support for uploading.

It’s purely a CMS that comes with different optional modules that have features such as forums, user blogs, OpenID, profiles, etc. It has excellent support for plugins and is easy to install.

When it comes to functionality, Joomla is an advanced version of CMS that works on common shared hosting packages. It has an attractive administration interface and provides great support for access control protocols such as LDAP, OpenID, and even

If you are looking for an E-commerce website that could run within seconds, Shopify is a great CMS that is efficiently streamlined where you can easily add, list, edit, and organize products. Moreover, it also helps to track your inventory.

Final Word

When you are running an online business, you cannot control everything but, you can surely make efforts to control what is communicated and how is it communicated. People generally rely on tools when they wish to succeed online and one such important tool is CMS.

If you are still relying on someone else to make even the slightest of the changes then, it’s time to change how you do it. After all, it’s good to be self-sufficient if you wish to succeed.