10 Reasons why Content Marketing is still the ‘King’ in Digital Marketing

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Have you ever thought, Why do we absolutely rely on content?

“A great content makes a great brand” as most companies place a high value on content, not for any vague reason: to entertain their audience but, to connect with them to establish a sound relationship.

Content has come far beyond from merely making people read your blog posts; moreover, it has become the medium to showcase your brand’s authority and to develop credibility with your customers.

Since the time immemorial to this era of digital transformation, the relevance and the importance of content are still kept intact. As some of the most forward-thinking companies deployed content marketing strategies, they clearly understood the game of influencing the customers through the magic of storytelling. They provided intriguing, and thoughtful content that people were fascinated to read out of curiosity.

A great content paves the way for a great digital campaign and ever since the brands have gone digital, a killer content strategy is what all is needed for successful brand management.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why “Content” is called the ‘King’ in this virtual world:

Smart Content For Your Smart Audience

What’s new in the market?

It may sound confusing but, your audience has become smarter and asks for something new which should be interesting, useful, and valuable at the same time. For instance, it is great to have a long list of products with their virtues but, how about including some of the unusual applications about the product. Don’t you think it would be a great idea?

Based on the media consumption habits of people, companies find video content quite popular among audiences. However, the subject presented in the exposition should be impactful.

For instance, TEDTalks that you all might be familiar with is the major player in content marketing with over 9.5 million Youtube subscribers. They simply leveraged the candid conversations to provide high-quality content that includes educational material which is highly informative.

The idea is completely unique that made highly informative video content easily available and accessible to anyone who wants it.

Great Content Implies Great Allies

Content helps establish a strong relationship with the audiences and unite resources for the common benefit. If you wish to draw people in a more natural way then, content marketing is the only way left to connect with them. Well, you need to understand the demographics and the psychic patterns as to what triggers their interest which will help you create the content of their choice. It will eventually help you create a special bond with the audiences beyond this virtual world.

For instance, Hawke Media, a brand focused agency that provides content for all business types and shapes, have clearly understood the needs of their clients. They can be a promising player in the coming future as they have already worked with several brands such as Verizon, Raleigh, and Fjallraven.

So, Make a Bond that they Will Never Abscond!

Leadership Comes With Content

If your idea inspires others then, you are a leader. Great content helps you position yourself as a thought leader in the market. Your unique content can let you enjoy a leader’s status in the world of content.

KISSmatrics is the leader in data collection and analytics who provides auxiliary services pertaining to the content management systems. Moreover, the company also focuses on developing useful SEO strategies for clients.

Running a brand awareness campaign with a dash of curated content would surely help you drive conversions. Leaders direct others to move forward in the right direction so is with content. If your content motivates others then, you have everything that takes to be a leader.

Inflate Your Revenue With Content

Will your content increase your revenue? Probably yes.

You all might be well acquainted with Netflix, an American media service provider that provides one of the best media contents. It is back in the race with an increase of 36% in its revenue. The streaming giant has succeeded in capturing 6.9 million additional subscribers, and their net income stood at a whopping $403 million.

Content has the potential to draw the masses and reach out to them. So, Never Underestimate The Power of a Great Content!

“Satisfied Audience Can Be Your Biggest Asset”

Quality content can foster brand loyalty as customers tend to relate to your brand after reading the content when it comes to earning their trust. If your customers feel positive about your brand after reading the content, it implies earning their loyalty and a lifelong relationship with them.

We all are quite familiar with T-Series, an Indian music and a film production company that provides media content and music videos of exceptional quality that helps foster repeated visitors on their YouTube channel. Their Channel doesn’t really need any advertisement as the content is enough to draw the attention of millions of customers with subscribers around 94+ million.

Content and Conversions Go Hand In Hand

Content being the king of the market is able to generate leads about 3 times more for the money spent.

According to the latest stats, presented by Hubspot, around 90% of the B2B buyers rely on online content as it greatly influences their purchasing decisions. Customers prefer to go through a blog before making any decision related to purchasing a product or a service. It is the biggest reason that companies often rely on blogs as it helps them attract new visitors and convert them into leads.

Content Helps You Appear in the Top Searches

Want to appear in the most searched websites? Then, content is the most effective SEO tactic as claimed by the Tech Client. Including more content in your website makes it quite feasible for Google to index your pages which helps your website to appear in the first page results.

Moreover, by including more keywords you improve the page rank. Creating more optimized content for your website would certainly increase your chances of appearing in the top ranking which would let your targeted audience stick to your website for a longer time.

Always remember A Good SEO Needs Great Content!

Content is Cost Effective

Do you know what’s the best thing about content? It’s affordability which makes it a popular choice among the small businesses and startups.

From the business point of view, it is a cost-effective tactic and this affordability is of great help for small businesses who are looking for opportunities to expand their business.

According to the research of demand metrics and the stats presented by them, content marketing is an affordable tactic to expand your business as it costs around 62% less than that of traditional marketing. It makes it necessary for all the small businesses to reach out to people in general if they are planning to expand.

Content Let’s You Enjoy the Long Race

Effective content marketing comes with long term benefits as the packaging is quite nice. It includes many advantages such as increased leads, better indexing of the pages according to Google algorithms. Well, it is pertinent to the fact that content marketing costs less than any other way of marketing.

Your one blog would give you far more benefits than any of the ad campaigns that are run on TV as the content remains on your website forever, and you may enjoy the benefits with every click that you will get on your blog.

Extrapolating The Idea

In the era of digital transformation, content is the biggest thing that has succeeded in propelling the internet with ideas, experience, and products that resonate with the needs of the audiences.

Curated content is the need of the hour and companies rely on content to respond to the changing consumer environment in the long run. Your content reflects your ideas so, always Think, Dream and There You Are…Sow The Seeds of Greatest Ideas and You Are Ready to Reap The Benefits In Future!