5 Smart Ways to Generate Leads Without Paid Marketing

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Smart ways to generate traffic

Want to give your business an impressive web appearance?

SEO is the blessing in disguise!

Yes, why not, you all might agree with the above statement.

SEO looks straight into the eyes of your visitors with the help of a well-optimized content. SEO is the key to get maximum leads for your business as it makes your business known to Google where it is visible to your targeted audience.

Now, the question is how do you do it?

When you are working your way towards generating maximum leads, implementing SEO strategies is the smartest thing you can do to optimize your website without sacrificing on the quality of your content.

The First Impression Is The Last Impression!

You are recommended to work on the homepage and inner content of the website. You can start by finding the right keywords for your website which helps in attracting the right audience. You can start with keywords having lower search volume after all it’s necessary to take a different way!

It’s always better to spy on your competitors to know from where they are driving their traffic and what type of keywords they are using. Take notice of their source of backlinks.

Apart from this, make use of long tail keywords that specifies your product or service as it is easy for a customer to find your products. And, try to make your website as responsive as possible be it on desktop or mobile. It is advised to work on the design of the website which could help enhance the usability of the website on different platforms.

All these help to make a lasting impression on your potential visitors.

Let Your Presence Mean Something To People!

As a part of SEO strategy, it’s always good to establish a strong presence online especially if you are a local business. Your presence conveys how you market yourself, and it’s important to create a strong web presence for which you can use online directories to list your business. It would help you drive traffic which eventually helps your rank well.

Tell people where you are!

Yes, especially if you are into selling products and services, getting yourself listed can prove helpful. Make sure you use relevant keywords that match with people’s queries as this would help them locate your business.

Do you know, people rely on positive reviews?

Yes, it’s true, around 88% of people trust online reviews when buying a product or service. So try to generate as many positive reviews as possible. The more you have, the more will be the quality leads.

Help Yourself By Helping Others!

Build your credibility by writing guest posts. Offer your services to other websites which would help you to cater to a completely new audience. Creating curated content for others may strengthen your own portfolio which would help you generate leads from other websites. This way you can work on to become a reliable and talented writer, who knows what an odd guest post can do for you.

Is Your Image Tagged Correctly?

By this, we mean using correct tags for your images.

Google is a search engine and not a human who can identify you by looking at your pictures. It reads the images which increase your chances to appear in the image search results of Google.

You should add a descriptive text in the ALT tag which would help Google to read your image. It improves your website’s ranking and generates leads as a large part of your potential visitors tend to reach your website through images. If you are using WordPress, click on the image and add a description in the “Alt Text” part.

Kill’em With Your Speed!

Want to enhance the user experience? Then, work on your speed.

Do you know that you lose half of your audience if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load? Around 47% of consumers expect that your website must load in 2 seconds. So, this is enough to make you realize the importance of speed because it is a huge factor in determining the success rate of your website online. You are advised to optimize it well so that users tend to search your website quicker which would lend your website on a higher position.

Final Words

The Internet has millions of websites and equal searches on Google, So, there’s a huge scope for SEO. If you want to generate as many leads for your business, you need to focus on the real change that comes after implementing the above SEO strategies and experience the huge boost in leads and sales of your business.