Gmail Down: G Suite Stopped Today for Most of The World Due to The Error 502

Author : EvenDigit

Youtube Not Working

Putting all the eggs in one basket made the whole world pay today during Google’s Downtime!!! 

 This error arises when a website’s server is overloaded, or the communication response system is unable to fetch and access information. 

What could be the actual reason behind this error? 

Did we really use it too much? Or was it hacked, and this 502 was a banner to stop us from panicking?  

Or Is this downtime an outcome of the monopoly we gave to Google over so many other providers? 

Gmail is down, YouTube is down, Meet is Down, Docs is down, Sheets is down, Slides is down, Keep is down, and so are many software as services that Google offers. 

Gmail Is DownIn the last couple of years, people started relying on Google and its various products for fulfilling their varied needs. But this downtime is horrendous for all those followers. 

There are so many people waiting for some news, results, information, report, and other crucial details at this moment, right now.  

But now, when the entire Google is down, their lives have come to a pause. 

In our organization itself, we rely a lot on G Suite.  

Especially after lockdown, we adopted G Suite as our living alternative to everything, from handling documents to meeting people. 

We dismissed almost every other service, and today we are paying the cost by bearing the loss of 50+ employees unable to do anything during this downtime. 

Such an incident has pushed us to rethink our (technical) belief system.  

Today, we are forced to think about what we could have done differently to avoid being at this stage we are standing today.  

Did we put too much confidence in Google? Weren’t we supposed to assess their capabilities before putting our faith in them? Have we gone too blind with our belief system?  

Aren’t we just like our predecessors who curse technology because they found it hard to handle it? What we did is the same. We developed a belief system based on blind faith. 

What if our data is not safe and we are uninformed about it? 

What if Google starts charging for everything it offers? 

What if Google doesn’t allow us to secure our info before levying such charges? 

What if such a shutdown lasts longer, maybe for hours, days, weeks, or even months? 

Well, this incident has raised many questions and pushed us to think about many things. As an organization and as individuals, this technical downtime is terrible but we are sure that as many concerns as we have, Google must be on top of everything and they are going to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. 


Well, as we stated, more than us the Alphabet Inc. was concerned and in a matter of just a few minutes, the services were up and running again.