Why Are Google Ads So Effective?

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Importance Of Google Ads For Business

As a business owner, it could be a worse situation for all of you when there is a lack of online orders or phone calls, so you need to take some steps to generate revenue for your business. How can you achieve business growth online?

Almost 18 years ago, Google launched its online advertising platform where businesses could present their offerings. When these ads are executed properly, they can prove to be the best source for doubling your profit.

Today, almost 95% of the clicks from mobile devices are directed towards Google Ads campaigns. You can imagine the loss you could bear if you miss on this large chunk of the audience that uses mobile.

When it comes to the effectiveness of Google Ads, you would be glad to know that Google delivers an ROI of 8:1, which means that on every $1 spent, you will get $8 in return.

Also, Google Ads is not only a thing to consider for opening a new ad channel and reaching out to your audience, but it also results in massive conversions with an average conversion rate of 75% according to the latest stats.

Now that you know how effective Google ads are, you should invest in Adwords to grow your business. Let’s look at some of the significant reasons to invest in Google Ads.

Reasons for investing in Google ads

1. You Will Get Quick Results in Terms of Branding and Presence

Suppose your campaign is performing better organically. Then, what’s the need for investing in Google Ads? It is a common question that lingers on everyone’s mind. If you don’t invest in Google ads, you run the risk of your competitors ranking better than you in terms of branding and online presence.

You can use Google Display Networks to generate brand awareness and maximize your online presence. Most of the websites have these ads on their display, and it could give you maximum attention that would drastically improve your branding and online presence.

2. There’s No Minimum Investment

When it comes to branding, then, there’s no minimum investment limit in Google Ads. You can capitalize on numerous brand terms that give you a competitive edge, where it takes only 5-10% of your monthly budget.

However, if you are still unsure of the results your brand campaign will reap, you can keep a tiny amount of budget to improve your presence and grow your business.

3. Use Google Ads to Stay Ahead of Competition

Google Ads seems to be a great way to steal your competitor’s traffic and leads. Your competitors are also using it to stay ahead of the competition, but what can you do? You can bid on similar keywords and brand terms, but make sure you avoid their brand mentions in your campaigns; otherwise, everything may go wrong.

Look for the biggest competitors in your industry space and start bidding on their branded search terms. But, create a value proposition that they have not addressed yet.

4. Massive Reach

Google Display Network is a great medium to reach a massive audience. Also, it has the option of video ads where you can put your ads in front of the YouTube audience that gives you massive exposure to a different set of audience.

Google Display Network carefully chooses the website where your ads pop up, which gives you a ton of opportunities to get your ads listed before the audience. Among this network of sites, YouTube is the most important one.

Apart from this, you have Google Adsense sites that are meant for receiving ads from Google so that they could earn money. They give you a variety of websites to choose from to advertise your brand.


5. Have Full Control Over the Campaigns all the Time

Google Ads campaigns allow for full control over the ads and other creative, especially when you are to promote your brand. At the time of sales, you can tweak the messages and get the desired and relevant message to be conveyed to a broad set of audiences.

You can also opt for paid Ad extensions that include site links, callouts, review, and structured snippets. It converts your simple ad to the one with a complete and relevant message where the user can click on numerous links that land him on the relevant page on your website that he was searching for.

6. Google Ads is Measurable

You can use active view technology to measure Google Ads. It offers viewability statistics that are stored in your Google account, which records all the ads that appear in a specific location. Moreover, it also captures essential information about the number of ad impressions that can help you in targeting.

Apart from this, it also gives you information about when an ad is viewable, but it doesn’t guarantee that a user might be looking at that particular ad at that specific time.

7. Choose When to Show Your Ads and When Not.

If you feel that the keyword you chose to display your ads is not appropriate and will not reap the best results, then you can choose to stop your ads.

One of the biggest benefits of Google Ads is that you can monitor and adjust your ads. It helps you to refine your strategies as you get useful insights about what works best for you and create advertisements that meet your business goals.

Final Word

Whether it’s massive reach or better conversions, or improved online visibility of your brand, Google Ads can drastically help you achieve your business goals. You need to be savvy about your targeting and ad expenditure to reap the best results.

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