11 Mistakes that Businesses Make on Social Media

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Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

Every new business is seen on social media, and it has become a trend these days. Well, building a social media presence is slightly difficult, but crucial for the businesses to establish their brand. It is a great platform for them to connect to their set of audience and stay relevant in every aspect to them. However, in an attempt to stay connected they may make some serious mistakes which can ruin their online reputation. Let’s look at the root cause of these mistakes first:

Why do business owners make such mistakes?

Limited Time
Business owners are often surrounded by numerous tasks that keep them busy. As a result, they are not able to devote adequate time to social media activities happening on their business pages. It makes room for some serious mistakes that can ruin their company’s online reputation.

Limited Knowledge
The knowledge related to digital marketing is the lifeblood of any digital campaign and the business suffers in its absence. Business owners suffer the hemorrhage of execution knowledge may be due to their traditional mindset or resisting change in modern marketing. All this affects their online presence.

Lack of Actual Social Media KPIs
Most of the time business owners rely on the data shared by the marketing agencies which they should refrain from doing so. They don’t check the actual results and run away from drawing comparisons based on the data provided by the agency and the results. This way they don’t have much to ask and lack the actual social media KPIs needed to measure the results.

What are the common mistakes that business owners make on social media?

1. Lack of Coherent Social Media Strategy

Strategic planning helps meet or exceed the targets, but if you don’t have a schedule you may end up posting something which may confuse your audience. This may affect the quality and frequency of posts as things are not well planned which doesn’t seem appealing to your people and they lose interest.

Solution- Try scheduling your tasks like what to post, when to post, and how to post. It would help you build momentum and keep your audience engaged.

2. Not Knowing Your Audience

Not knowing your target demographic will keep you distant from your audience as you would not know the language they speak, and what are their interests. Moreover, you would find it hard to stay relevant in your approach in making posts and will fail in grabbing their attention.

Solution- Go through the analytics and research part to understand the type of demographics you have picked to lure a certain sect of the audience.

3. Not Tracking Your Results

If you fail to establish metrics of how good or bad your social media campaign is performing then, it is going to cost you heavily. It is believed that a campaign that can’t be measured is a sheer waste of time because you are not able to find the scope of improving the effectiveness of the campaign.

Solution- Track brand mentions, social shares of your content, number of community members, active members through comments, direct messages, and emails. This would help you know whether your campaign is improving or not.

4. No, Each Social Media Network is Not Same

You will find social media users everywhere be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or any other. Every social media platform engages a different set of the audience if you post similar messages on all your social media platforms, the public will lose interest.

Solution- Have a unique plan for every platform. You can use more hashtags on Twitter, and Instagram and use these platforms to announce new sales offers. On the other hand, use Facebook to share your product demonstration and let people know how to use it. This way you will give your audience a better reason to follow you on different social media platforms.

5. Inconsistent Social Media Posting

If you fail to post content on your social media platforms regularly then, the audience may soon lose interest which may reduce the number of followers you have. Moreover, if your business doesn’t have a branding match up over different social media platforms, it may affect your online reputation. For instance, your Instagram handle has updated a new logo, but your Facebook page is showing the same old logo then, it depicts that you no longer care about branding.

Solution- Plan your posts in advance so that you don’t run out of content when there is nothing to post on social media accounts. Also, make sure your post content on one platform reflects the relevant idea of what you have posted on the others.

6. Lack of Personal Touch

If you run a faceless campaign over social media and your posts lack a human touch, you may end up losing a great number of followers. An absence of human connection would give an impression as if your social media account is fake and you don’t run a business.

Solution- Try to post pictures of your office, videos of your employees on any occasion such as Christmas, Good Friday. This would bring in a personal touch to your social media posts and people would love to communicate with you.

7. Over Promotion

If you keep on posting content that has information related to only discounts, offers, coupons, and giveaways, you would seem too pushy in your approach. Soon your users will lose interest and start ignoring your posts.

Solution- Don’t try too hard to promote your products. Emphasize on building relationships, communities, and introduce a new idea in your posts with a human touch.

8. Ignoring, and Deleting Comments and Feedbacks

People reach out to you through their comments and messages. If you fail to respond thoughtfully and regularly to the comments, you would give an impression as if you are too insensitive towards their needs. Moreover, it seems you are interested in self promotion.
Apart from that, if you delete any negative comments and feedback, your company would be labelled as one who no longer cares for its customers. Also, it seems you don’t bother to give solutions to your customers.

Solution- Respond quickly to the comments and don’t get impulsive to the negative comments. Think rationally and provide a solution.

9. Posting Content Without an Objective

If you post content without any objective or a clear message, your audience would take you for granted and they will never take the pain to open your posts. A post without a clear message is just a waste of time and effort on both the ends and it doesn’t hold any importance in the public eye.

Solution- Provide useful and informative content through your posts with a clear message. It would help spark a conversation where people can take initiative to try your products and services.

10. Fake Followers

If your social media page has a lot of fake following and lacks authenticity then, it affects your credibility. People will start ignoring your posts and this would hamper a blossoming relationship between you and your audience.

Solution- Try eliminating any fake following from your social media pages. Use tools to get an insight of who all hold importance and who doesn’t and know about your active members.

11. Not Measuring Social Media ROI

If you don’t measure your social media ROI, you would not know how profitable your social media campaign is. You would not be able to understand why there is a recurring loss, or what is generating profit. Moreover, you would not be able to make improvements in your approach to increase revenue.

Solution- Analyze all social media handles their ad formats, ad placements to assess what’s contributing to your revenue. Measure the data on a periodic basis to understand the impact of a social media campaign. This would give you an idea where you should selectively invest and what type of campaigns or posts have the biggest potential to drive revenue.

How can we help?

The concept of social media marketing has matured to a point where keeping a track of your day-to-day actions is essential. It’s easy to start but difficult to run for a longer time. So, next time you get stuck in the process, these mistakes would help you to shape a better strategy which is a key to success along with promptness, willingness to connect, and new ideas.

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