Generate 19 Times More Qualified Leads for your Business. Know How?

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Leads to qualified leads ratio

SEO, content, branding, campaigns and ads, nothing brings you leads single-handedly, but a cohesive effort surely does!

Glorifying your services and presenting your products in pretty packaging does contribute to lead generation. Well, a positive customer experience automatically projects you as a brand and brings more qualified leads. And, online lead generation is the only way you can tap into the vast global market as the traditional approach is slowly ebbing away.

For instance, translation business is one sector where finding the right audience remains a real challenge, but once you tap into the right audience, you have a detailed and accurate database of prospects. It ensures more of your opportunities get translated into profits.  Digitization in the language service industry has come with new ways to serve the interconnected world.

The Unprecedented Growth of Translation Industry in the Current Market Stature

growth of translation industry

If we talk about the current market size of the language service industry, it has substantially grown at a rapid rate. As the world grows more interconnected, the market size has grown with a whopping 46.9 Billion U.S. dollars over the last ten years. 

Over the five years to 2019, the trends indicate an annualized growth of 4.0%, which accounts for $6 Billion and anticipated growth of around 3.5%.

As per 2018, the market industry report by CSA(Common Sense Advisory) indicates that a majority of players in this industry are small firms engaged in translating and interpreting. However, it is slightly different from localization, which involves direct translation of one language to the other such as translating documents and interpreting services. 

What does the future hold?

Speaking of the evolution that took place in the translation industry, it is expected to grow extensively, having a projected increase of US $56 Billion by 2021. If we widen our scope for digitization, we would see endless opportunities to be noticed by the self-directed buyers. That’s when we realize the importance of quality leads.

Translation industry includes both B2B and B2C businesses from an individual demanding translation of a marriage certificate to corporate houses asking for legal documents in a different language. As the owner of the business you can invest in paid traffic but, what if you are not able to attract the interested audience. All your efforts would go in vain, and you will face a hard time generating a steady cash flow.

Fundamentally speaking, it is important for a business to get acclaimed and known online for which quality leads play a significant role. Generating quality leads is extremely important for translating industry to cultivate awareness and foster a local identity so that they don’t get outpaced by their competitors.

5 Foundation Stones to Generate 19 Times More Quality Leads

High quality leads work as a building block for any business and internet marketing has come up as a new approach in the process of lead generation. And, as a result, high-quality potential clients tend to click on websites consistently. Here are five proven ways to generate quality leads for your business:

1- Source selection/ Marketing Channel Selection 

When it comes to selecting a marketing channel, especially in the translation industry, it is essential to understand the behaviour of the target audience, which helps in choosing the right channel. It helps you portray your pursuit differently than your competitor. Figure out what triggers your customers to take your service, which important feature of your service attracts your buyers? 

Make sure your content strategy fits in your marketing channel, which is influenced by all the interactions and experiences that a buyer encounters. It is important that you synchronize the channels with the buying cycle and adjust the frequency and timing of ads that you run.

As per our experience with the translation industry, PPC is the major source of lead generation standing at 52% followed by organic traffic with 29% of the leads coming. This relates to the banner ads shown on the websites which lures the audience into clicking on them. It tempts them to search the organization name on Google and finally contact the business for their service. 

marketing channel selection
Apart from this, as a part of the translation industry, we have noticed a shift from core marketing channels to the increased number of assisted conversions. Sometimes a customer notices your business on one channel say Email and then, search it on Google and gets converted into a lead. This involvement of multiple marketing channels gives rise to assisted conversions.
marketing channel grouping

2- Defining the right CPL for your business

Cost Per Lead(CPL) is an important metric when it comes to optimizing your marketing campaign to bring quality leads. Cost-effectively acquiring new customers is an important parameter for the ones who wish to track the overall effectiveness of their marketing campaign. Moreover, when there is direct response involved such as a call to action like “click here to buy” or “get the guide” it is easier to track the source of leads.

For instance, your expected CPL is $15, and you are spending $1000 on Google Ads every month and generating 50 Leads, In this case, your CPL becomes $20. 

As you can see in the above example, when you start your ad campaign the CPL tends to be higher at an initial stage but, it gradually reduces and pays higher ROI with time. As a business owner, it is crucial to set up CPL goals initially which would help you track your performance and bridge the gap between what’s expected and what you have actually got through the campaign.

3- Optimization of the Landing page/website 

Landing Page Optimization
Landing page optimization refers to the process of enhancing or improving each element on your landing page to increase conversions such as content, images, headlines,font, design, and call to action. In the Industry like Translation, your landing page matters a lot. A well-optimized landing page can attract 60% more audience which can be 

Make sure you use tags that match your title and description as a practice to optimize your meta description.  Here’s an important note for you, always use high-quality keywords first and start your title with them. You can include the less important keywords later on in your title, description, and body content as well. This practice gives the best results as far as optimization is concerned.

4- Focus on the relevant search terms 

relevant search terms
Finding relevant search terms is more like digging gold out of a mine. You should start by finding the right keywords that people are likely to search, and those have a high conversion rate.  After that, you can prioritize your keywords that are closest to your proficiency. 

Don’t take keywords on face value as they may have different meanings, always cross check the keywords by entering them into Google search bar. This would help you to understand the keyword intent better and you can find keywords that match with the user intent. 

Apart from this, you should also use online SEO tools available for the research such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush and many more. 

5- Analysis of in market segments to know about your potential audience

market analysis
When it comes to engaging your potential customers, it is important to know your target market. Google would take into account the clicks on the related ads. Moreover, it keeps an eye on the page content and frequency of visits on the same, which helps to define your target audience in a precise way. 

Supposedly, you wish to expand globally in translation industry, don’t try to sell your services to everyone. Your target audience could be publishing houses or people from media and entertainment searching for translation businesses.

As per our research the most crucial market segments for a language service industry are employment, travel, hospitality, financial services, and real estate which requires dealing with the people of varied cultures cross borders.

Check Lead Estimation According To Your Budget

Extrapolating the Idea

Generating quality leads in any business including the language service industry needs to have a strong customer base in foreign lands. When you tend to deal with a varied customer base, it helps you come up with different ideas that lures the audience and improves lead generation. Implement the above-mentioned strategies to reap the fruits of this long term cohesive effort.

If you have found our information useful and wish to expand your business globally through qualified leads, feel free to contact us!