What Are Buyer Personas, And Why Are They So Important?

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What Is Buyers Persona

In marketing or any other business niche, we can predict our growth if we have a handful of customers. If you are an ardent follower of marketing, you must have heard the term buyer’s persona.

Like a proper amount of salt adds magic to your dish, understanding the buyer’s persona adds magic to the marketing business. Being a social marketer, you can often get distracted from tracking the latest engagement rates and campaigns.

Buyer’s persona reminds you to put customers’ needs and wants ahead of your own ideology while devising a campaign.

Let’s understand the buyer persona meaning. (also known as customer persona, audience persona, and marketing persona) .


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What Is A Buyer Persona?

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A buyer persona is a fictional description of your customers based on data and research. It is a document that lists everything from demographic details, hobbies,
career history, family size, and any necessary detail that defines a person with real characteristics.
With detailed personas, you clearly define your customers.

It will let you focus your time on qualified prospects and guide product development that suits customers’ needs. Allows you to know them inside out and increase the customer base.

Why Are Buyer Personas Important?

In this section, you’ll also get answers on:

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Buyer persona benefits you to tailor the content in a way like your customer needs it to be. To fully understand what makes your best customer tick, it is essential to develop detailed personas for the business.

Acquire a better understanding of your ideal customer

Buyer personas help you to develop a more profound and proper understanding of your current and prospective customers. You’ll enable a better sense of their likes, habits, demographic info, preferred shopping methods, pain points, and much more. Knowing them at a deeper level deepens the connection.

Use buyer personas to build effective strategies.

When you create content strategies, personas help you focus on keyword research efforts and are used as a reference when crafting a copy. They also help in identifying and prioritizing promotional activities.

Better partnership with your sales team.

Buyer personas are handy and useful tools for salespeople. It gives them a clearer understanding of target customers to speak their language and communicate more effectively, whether on the phone, online, or in person.

Delivers what your audience needs

Putting a face to your targeted audience helps to better understand what they need from any product or service you offer. If your goal is to create and deliver actual value with buyer personas, 82% of the companies have improved value proposition.

Knowledge of where your customers spend time

Once you get detailed information, this insight gives you a better understanding of online sources where your customers spend their time. Where they go to get their knowledge and get to know social media platforms they use to connect with their friends, family, and co-workers.

Better Product Development

Buyer personas bring better quality leads and customers and build future products/product features that suit their needs. With well-developed and informative personas, you can create products or services closely aligned to the customers’ wants and allowing you to cater to their needs. If your products and services change and grow with the customers, you’ll be more likely to keep them for the long haul.

It matters a lot how a company presents itself, whether it is self-oriented or customer-oriented. Gaining trust as a business requires a shift in the way you present yourself. And with continuous use of the buyer’s persona, you can focus on your customers’ needs.

Do Buyer Personas Really Work?

Eindhoven 365, a travel brand, decided to get a more vital understanding of the people that they are targeting through their marketing campaigns. They wanted to study decision-making behaviour.

  • City explorers who visit Eindhoven.
  • A young talent who studies and works there.
  • Entrepreneurs who establish and scale innovative businesses there.

By working to understand each segment through detailed analysis research and with interviews with target audience representatives, they developed valuable insights and tactics needed to reach them.

Here’s what they discovered about the tech entrepreneurs:

  • They are concerned about the country’s politics and economic stability, so marketing campaigns must highlight solutions to this.
  • They require motivational support, so it is beneficial to connect them with the leaders.
  • They’re challenging to satisfy, to relocate means that lead nurturing is required.

Now Eindhoven is using buyer personas to enhance inbound marketing programs and for many other programs.

Buyer persona informs everything you do, the words you deliver on the phone or the content you post on the website to provide the sales pitch that will help a particular buyer’s situation.

Should Every Business Bother Building Personas?

A buyer persona will help to narrow your focus. It is understood why a business with multiple employees builds the personas, but a small business also requires them. 

For example – you’re a self-employed pet trainer. You run your business online by posting tips & tricks for a healthy diet and training for pets through blogs and posts on your website. You’ll be interested in customers who want to hire a personal pet trainer. 

Maybe you find that the majority of your customers are dog owners. Presuming that this is the market you want to continue serving, you can now adjust your content to this specific niche. Thus, it will be easier for you to write a copy that will resonate with your target audience.

Every business today or tomorrow has to develop buyer personas to guide the company to the road of understanding and success.


    How Do I Create a Buyer Persona for My Business?

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    A buyer persona should incorporate both internal and external research of a customer. Not all businesses prepare multiple personas for different types of customers. You don’t have to do it all at once. With time, keep on evolving your personas.

    In the first step, create a list of questions you can use to interview the team members. Do thorough audience research. While you can’t list all questions in one as in the initial stage, but some of the starter questions can be:

    A buyer persona should incorporate both internal and external research of a customer. Not all businesses prepare multiple personas for different types of customers. You don’t have to do it all at once. With time keep on evolving your personas.

    Choose a target customer, build a persona with what you already know, and create a plan to enhance it with more research, surveys, and interviews.
    In the first step, create a list of questions you can use to interview the team members. Do thorough audience research.

    Start with asking for Personal Information.

    Ask for customer details as it will help you plan strategies thinking persona as a real person. Some people are comfortable disclosing their information in the form and not over a call or in person.

    Know their Professional details

    Every business is nowadays looking for qualified leads. If you ask for professional details, you’ll get an idea of your customer’s profession and refine your strategies accordingly.

    Ask for Goals and Challenges

    When you ask for customers’ goals and challenges, you can add a personalized touch to your content strategy and plan accordingly to meet customers’ goals and help achieve them and how you can avoid their challenges with your service.

    Know about buyer’s Thinking

    If you know about what influences and affects your customers, you can provide better products and services. It can make them feel heard, and you can avoid things that may offend them.

    Understand their Buying Process

    Every customer has a different buying process; some may shop randomly, and some shop, particularly when they need it. You can overcome the loophole when you ask and understand their buying process, and you can create a detailed funnel.

    Online Preferred Channels can be a great help

    Media consumption habits differ from person to person. Knowing about their preferred online channels for every purpose can provide you with their needs and choices and build the buyer’s knowledge for you.

    Explore their Content Sources for decision making

    Asking for the content sources from which your buyer gathers knowledge will help you to set your content’s tone and style.

    Consider the buying team

    The person who is investing the money, consuming the product, and making the purchase decision may be different. You should know it all. It is helpful if your customers are B2B or if you deal in high-value items.

    Know if any Particular Timings

    Asking for any particular event, occasion, or timing when people like to search about your products or services will give you insights when people will be highly active and make a buying decision.

    A buyer persona shouldn’t be static documents or undergo complete massive understanding at once. Keep working on them with time, integrate new insights along the way, and be patient with the process.

    You can also try our buyer persona generator tool to get detailed lucrative documents ready in just a few minutes.


    Buyers Persona are research surveys representing your target audience that help you adapt essential aspects of sales. The above information will guide you to success by providing each detail required for the persona. Determining the types of people who benefit from your solutions is crucial to attain and retain the customers. 


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