Top 10 Ways To Generate More Leads For Your Business

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Lead Generation Ideas

If you aren’t moving towards sales, you aren’t giving enough attention to your customers!

Your lead generation stats speak of your ideas, whether you are giving attention to people or not. The current scenario glorifies the idea of personalization that touches the heart of the audiences, and they keep on visiting your website. Understand that every piece of data is essential in designing the road map of your success journey. 

Want more leads? It’s important that you think from the customer’s point of view as to why they would visit your website. Do you have what customers want? If yes, then, you don’t need to worry.

Let’s begin with talking about the most talked about topic in digital marketing: Lead generation, but why is it so important? 

Have you ever imagined a scenario where your website is struggling for traffic and struggling to have conversions. You might have got the answer, yes! Lead generation is all about generating interest in the audience so much so that it’s impossible to hold themselves from contacting you. This ultimately results in generating higher leads and conversions. However, it is important to practice this regularly to ensure that your audience doesn’t lose interest.

But how would you do this? Here are some important lead generation tactics to use:

Effective Blog Posts & Guest Blogging

Content is always the king, and it will be!

Time and again, we have always said that content is the crucial thing when it comes to generating effective blog posts, and the trends have proved it. You need to ensure the quality in terms of uniqueness, the freshness of the topic, and SEO friendliness that has everything to do with keywords. Well, you must keep in mind that quality matters than quantity and starting with a frequency of 1-2 blog posts per week can be a great idea.

If we talk about guest blogging, it is also an essential part of lead generation that seems similar to partnering with influencers. The main objective is to spread awareness about your brand and guest blogging seems to be an effective way to reach all those who may not be aware of your brand.  You can also comment on other blogs, which allows you to speak about your brand name. Make sure that you sound helpful and generous to people who are interested in knowing what you have for them. This entire activity is eventually going to help you to present your identity in a different way that ultimately generates leads.

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Apart from this, you can also post a quiz to make your content engaging and drive more people to your website. The reward and acclaim that people get encourage them to share their feedback about the blog or the article. This activity strengthens the relationship with your customers, which eventually results in higher leads in the long run and gain regular traffic. 

QuickBox is a free tool that you can use to create a quiz in a few simple steps that you can publish on your blog. It is undoubtedly going to generate curiosity amongst the audience and lure them into participating in the quiz actively. 

ClassMarker, Raptivity, Topgrade, FlexiQuiz, ProProfs are some more online tools for free that you can use to create interesting quizzes.

Include CTA(Call to Action) On Every Page

Act now! It really brings positive results

Website CTA’s (Call to Action) is the most important lead generation tool. As people browse through your website, it is great to provide them with some actionable plans at every step such as subscriptions, blog updates, and free downloads. It would help you get the customers right into the sales funnel, so make sure you include CTA (Call to Action) on every page of your website.

Optimizing Landing Pages For Customer Intent

Do you have what I like?

When a customer lands on your page, try figuring out why? If you are not able to identify the customer intent, how can you speak directly to him? So it is imperative to align your ideas with the customer’s viewpoint and needs. 

For instance, if a person directs to your landing page after seeing your post on facebook then, the question is, why did they do so? What did they want to achieve? Find what triggered them to do so.

Once you do this, optimize your landing page in such a way that a customer starts visiting your website regularly. Keep your motto, and customer’s intent in line be it’s gathering information, comparison shopping, buying or anything else. It is surely going to help you in generating useful leads for your website.

Taking a step further, you can also conduct further A/B testing to refine these landing pages to leverage each visitor as a potential lead.

Check Lead Estimation According To Your Budget

Social Media Engagement

Don’t just do social but be social!

Social media has a great set of audience that can be reached with or without spending money. The core idea is to keep your audience engaged by regularly posting creative content on social media channels. It may include images, videos, infographics, and gifs. This is a great way to to be on the forefront and inspire your followers to interact. Moreover, it’s equally important to respond to your audience’s messages promptly, even if it has to be a simple emoji. It gives an impression to your audience that you care about them and you do. When you feel you have got them all, try your hand on paid ads.

Coupons, Codes & Contest Giveaways

Giveaway money, price, time, expertise, and information, your customers will keep coming back!

When it comes to lead generation, coupons or contest giveaways is a great way to engage your customers. Regular contests can earn you some paying customers and also help to increase contact points. It’s a great way to spread brand awareness and build loyalty as you tend to create a captive audience for yourself that allows a valuable exchange of information such as email addresses.

For instance, Eggo, a brand of frozen waffles owned by Kellogg company, ran a successful giveaway contest online “The Great Eggo Waffle Off.” The contest began with submitting the best recipe for waffles where the fans had to vote for their favourite recipe amongst those given by the participants. 

The prize money for winning the contest was $5000. However, the price was not brand related but the contest itself was. This way, the company had exchanged ideas with the fans and asked them for their recipes. Moreover, it further took advantage of its branding opportunity by introducing a voting element. And, it encourages user-generated content which seems more like a loyalty program as contests and loyalty go hand in hand as they speak of rewards to retain customers.

Partner With Influencer

Help others to help yourself!

This is certainly true in case of partnering with other influencers and building brand loyalty as you get extreme exposure to the large size of the market. It opens the door for reaching out to a different set of audience who may get interested in your content. The reason behind such a large conversion is that it doesn’t seem pushy at your end as if you are trying to lure them into buying what you have.

Online Ads

Tell your stories online, and you will be surprised to know people are coming your way!

Ignoring online ads is similar to doing business but, not telling anyone. Online ads are the best medium to generate steady leads for your business as it has the potential to convince the people at the right time through customized ads for every goal. You can get affordable exposure through social media or Google ads. Compare the results and identify what works best for you.

Success Stories From Your Existing Customers

Your success lifts other’s spirits!

A customer’s success story is something that people trust more than reviews that they give. It really helps others to clear up their doubts and put them at ease when they come to know that others were also suffering from the same issue, and finally, they found a solution. This strategy tells success stories of others to lure people as everyone wants success, why won’t they!

Personalized Email Marketing

Create a personal touch with the list of people who like what you have for them!

Email marketing is a great way to generate leads, strengthen relationships, improve communication and build credibility with a large base of customers. Your one personalized email can have a significant impact on customer’s emotions, actions, and decisions which can generate higher leads.

According to Experian, personalized emails can generate up to six times higher revenue than those which are non-personalized. And this is the reason many companies fail because they lack personalization. Well, here is what you can do to make it look personalized.

Email marketing helps you to embed people into your ecosystem who may be scattered on various areas through a regular newsletter at your end. You can include social sharing buttons in your email so that subscribers can share your content across different mediums. Don’t get too focused on the subscriber list instead work your way towards bringing more people from different platforms to convert them into leads.

To convert this small personalized impact to a tsunami of leads, you need to track your success by comparing your open and click rates on an average. This will give you a clear picture as to where you stand. If you lack behind, you can test, modify, and evolve your content and send emails to each potential customer to drive more leads.

Problem-Solving Through Video Marketing

Board on a video marketing train to offer a solution!

Video marketing has become one of the popular forms of consuming information and making it a perfect way to get some leads. You should create entertaining content to convert your followers into paying customers. Moreover, this can be used as a medium to offer a solution to your customers which would urge them to take the needed step and check out your product page.

For instance, if you own education business, providing video tutorials about the lessons and even how to apply for the course would give your target customers a fair idea of everything they would relate with. Try to give sound advice to your customers as videos are a powerful medium to reach out to a large customer base.

Final Word

Lead generation is crucial but, a difficult task which needs constant efforts to keep your audience engaged. Lead generation being the top priority, there are various ways to get quick leads, but, the important task is to put them to test and identify what goes in your favour. Above were different ways of lead generation, so try, test, and find what works best for you!

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