How to Choose an SEO Company?

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SEO is not a checklist rather a process to re-engineer a website that requires ideas, analysis, and skills, but the question is, does your agency have these traits?

The primary criteria for the success of any website are aligning your visitor’s action with what you want them to do. So which essential things you should consider before choosing an SEO agency?

Well, asking the right questions will eventually contribute to your success in finding the right SEO expert. Here are some of the critical questions to ask your SEO provider to make an informed decision:

1. It’s been how long you are doing SEO?

The duration that the firm has been into digital marketing services defines their working approach and the efforts they put in to keep the process transparent, thorough, and informed. 

Apart from this, the number of clients the agency has served would get you an idea of their working approach and level of experience. However, a higher number of industrial experience doesn’t guarantee you success. There are other factors to consider, which are explained in the below points.

2. What are the resources that you have on your team? Is it a virtual team or a local team?

There is n number of tasks in SEO such as website audit, link research, keyword research, or put forth an exciting approach with a completely different angle. For all this, you require a team and cannot rely on one person single-handedly to manage everything. Be it a virtual team or a local team advancement and awareness forms an important part.

A right SEO agency should work with the latest technologies and have a knack of current trends. Technology is the need of the hour while strategies should be carefully planned according to the latest trends as a strategy that worked best previously may not work now. Also, it must put to use efficient resources with much-needed knowledge along with proper analysis of the business goals. 

3. With whom you have worked earlier?

An SEO agency should give a few big names with whom they have worked previously along with the results. You can refer to the reviews, testimonials and case studies to get a fair idea of their performance. However, word of mouth can also be an effective way to track their performance as these are genuine and honest assertions made by people. 


A right SEO agency is expected to give the names of the legitimate businesses with whom they are working. Well, if they can’t provide the client names, this may be a warning sign that questions their level of experience.

choosing right SEO agency

4. Do you know about Google Webmaster guidelines?

Google webmaster guidelines provide for the best SEO practices which make incremental improvements that show a noticeable impact on your website. Google revamps the general guidelines now and then. An SEO agency is expected to have a sound knowledge of the instructions as it is essential when you own, manage, monetize, and promote online content. 

If an SEO agency is not able to explain to you anything about Google webmaster guidelines, it questions their expertise and knowledge. It may highly jeopardize your website’s success.

5. How do you upgrade your SEO knowledge?

When it comes to knowledge and expertise, don’t expect that agencies know it all, they are still on the learning curve with their clients. They always on the mode of upgrading their knowledge. They may be digging deep in the sample websites or understanding the methodology to select sites with specific targets to follow up on certain pints.

An SEO agency is expected to give a sample work which doesn’t provide advice rather an idea of the knowledge and their approach towards upgrading it.

6. Are you aware of the current trends in the SEO industry?

Trend analysis and search quality analysis forms a significant part of the SEO process, which makes it essential for the agencies to be aware of the current trends and happenings in the industry itself. 

Since Google keeps you on your tows by making frequent changes in the algorithm to chase better SERPs, it is essential for an SEO company to keep itself updated. A right SEO agency is expected to keep an eye on current happenings as it helps in strategic management and planning of the campaign to stay ahead of the competition.

7. Why is SEO the right marketing tactic for my business?

It is the most obvious question when a client approaches the SEO company if they own a website. SEO forms the core part of digital marketing and without its help, you cannot even think of improving the overall searchability and visibility of the website. A clear majority of the world uses the internet to get information which makes it a trusted source to get information and as a result, it is surely going to work in favor of building your brand. This is the reason that an SEO agency thinks that it is the right marketing tactic to get your business known online.

8. What about Contracts and Pricing?

When it comes to contracts and pricing, different SEO companies follow different structures. As SEO can be done in many ways companies charge differently according to the project. Some charge monthly, quarterly, yearly or even on hourly basis. So, an SEO agency needs to come up with their contract terms and payments so that the client gets to know what and when exactly he has to pay.

9. What process do you follow?

SEO is not theoretical but, practical, and the outcomes to it are the list of actions that forms a process which an agency follows. Every project is unique, and what worked for one, may not work for the other. It may include SEO tactics, SEO tools, resources, keyword research, audit, index status, crawl error, sitemap, links, demographics, content strategy and many more.

The process followed in an SEO campaign is a great way to get new ideas that can be used or taken as an inspiration to lay the foundation of another SEO campaign.

10. What about content writing and updating?

The content is the core and needs to be optimized. Sometimes the client wants to write his articles, and sometimes agencies do for their clients. Well, the main point is engagement that moves people towards conversation, along with regular updating according to the latest trends.

An SEO agency is expected to deliver a well-written content that’s thoroughly proofread and edited; otherwise, it will send the client running to the competitors.

11. Who will make on page SEO changes in the website?

It is another crucial question which will an answer for how to choose an SEO agency. SEO requires multiple changes to be done on the website, which must be handled by an SEO expert. If it is taken up by a beginner who doesn’t have the expertise, might hamper the overall quality of the website. 

As a client, you need a team of SEO experts who are up to date on the latest algorithmic changes because one person cannot devote all the time to the SEO of the website single-handedly.

12. What is your experience with CMS?

What you want your CMS to do? It is an important question when looking for the right SEO agency. Ease of use is what people need where you can try it out first and let your end users try it out too. Also, this is a challenge for large organizations to design a CMS that can be used by both the developers and non-developers where experience and expertise play around.

A right SEO agency is expected to develop a design an easy to use CMS, which can be used by the end-users too. So they don’t need to rely on developers for making even the slightest of the changes.

13. Have you worked on multilingual websites SEO?

It is also an important question to ask your SEO provider when you are pondering over how to choose a good SEO company? Multilingual SEO helps in reaching those locations which are not familiar with English by perking up the website rankings in SERPs across different languages. Many tend to translate the keywords which is a blunder and struggle with the technicalities like domain structure, HTML specification, language detection, duplicate content, hosting specifications and many more.

If you are running a business at a global level, your SEO agency is expected to help you in keyword research and website localization and ensures the usage of the right keywords and relevant content.

14. Do you guarantee a rank?

SEO firms are known to provide guarantees for the first position in SERPs, which is a false claim that they tend to do. Such warranties are neither feasible nor practical, and this is the reason why reputed SEO agencies never guarantee you anything. 

A right SEO agency is expected to come up with results and not guarantees, which requires specific changes in the website according to the latest algorithms. Also, you don’t need to control the search engine rankings.

15. What is your way of reporting?

It also an important question to ask when choosing the right SEO agency where you need to slice and dice the data in an easily understandable way. You don’t need to provide the clients with all the KPI’s but, should give useful information. 

A right SEO agency is expected to show reports that justify the client’s investment in the services. Such SEO reports may include clean dashboards for quick information, year over year growth, month over month growth, increased ranking for top terms, overall keyword growth, growth of social media engagement, goal reports, high-quality links earned, and many more.

16. When can I expect the results?

It is an essential and most commonly asked question that clients usually have when they are confused as to how to choose the right SEO agency? SEO is an ongoing practice that needs time; however, many SEO firms claim a period of 4 to 6 months when you start seeing the results but, it is considerably less than what you can expect in a 12 month. However, you have to bear in mind that it’s an ongoing process and that’s natural, which typically depends on the content marketing strategy that they take up.

17. Do you have any dependencies over me? Do you need my approval for anything?

When it comes to choosing an SEO company, this seems to be an obvious question as SEO is an ongoing process which includes keywords: content, and strategy. Sometimes clients are themselves quite participative, and sometimes the agency needs to run after them seeking approval for the content, keywords, and other factors. It is beneficial on the client’s part, in the beginning, to ask as to how they would take the process which will help in understanding if there are any dependencies for which approvals are needed or not.

18. What are the KPI’s to measure the success of the SEO campaign

KPI’s are to share the latest developments in the SEO campaign with your clients. Here are some of the critical metrics that should be tracked:

Organic Traffic – This can be measured by Google Analytics directly where you can integrate the data with the reporting tool such as agency analytics. It shows as to how many eyes are there on the website.

Keyword Ranking – The client directly co-relates the keyword ranking with SEO success as it is the first step towards other objectives such as traffic, leads, and sales.

Leads/Conversions – A lead is a contact with your customer whom you surely want to convert into a sale. It includes newsletter signup, contact form submission, phone call, registration for a webinar and a complete purchase.

Bounce Rate – It measures the percentage of sessions where the user loads the page and immediately exits without an action. It should be between 40 to 60%, which varies depending on the business, niche.

Average Session Duration – It is the average length of the visit to your website. It is crucial as it indicates the quality of content to your website that engages the users to stay, read, and take action.

Page Load Time – It is an important KPI which impacts the behaviour of the user. If your page takes more time to load, then, the user is likely to leave your site and switch to other which loads faster than yours. The ideal time that a page takes to load in 3 seconds if it takes more than this the user will abandon it.

Final Word

Choosing the right SEO company is a daunting task as there are numerous factors involved. Consider the questions mentioned above to ask your SEO provider to get a clearer picture.