List of Top Lead Generation Tools for Small Businesses

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List Of Top Lead Generation Tools For Small Businesses

Lead generation for businesses is like the salt in a dish, of utmost importance. Without this, a business cannot move towards its sales pipeline. 

But are you finding it difficult to generate leads for your business? Or even after continuous efforts, your leads are not converting into customers?

You should look into your lead generation strategies. There are plenty of easy-to-generate leads, but having the right set of lead generation ideas drives effective results. 

Along with the right strategies, a small business requires the right tools for lead generation. Without this, a business might waste its efforts, time, and money. 

The list of lead generation tools is neverending, but do not worry. We have listed some of the best lead generation tools based on the categories below that would attract the business leads like a magnet.

Top Lead Generation Tools

Prospecting and Outreach Tools

Finding the relevant prospects, collecting their verified information, knowing their interests, and reaching out to them is a tough job. Certain tools would ease the efforts and convert those contacts into leads.

This lead generation tool helps identify your prospects and even handles outreach. The tool provides you with finding verified emails of your prospect. Through this, you can reach out by launching cold email campaigns. The tool is also integrated with Salesforce, Pipedrive,, and Hubspot. 

Pricing: This lead generation tool 0offers a 14-day free trial. 

The base plan starts at $19/user/month. 

For more professional add ons: 

  • Email finder & verifier from $39/month 
  • Outbound from $69/month 
  • Professional services from $99/month



Datanyze promises to provide you with the list of prospects and their contact information directly on the package. From the data obtained from the tool, you will know whom to contact and build a relationship with through a conversation. Through icebreakers, it even allows you to start meaningful conversations with your prospects.

Pricing: Datanyze offers a 90-day free trial. And the pricing plan starts at $39/month if billed annually. 

CRM Tools

Customer relationship management tools help generate effective leads by collecting the data of your prospects, connecting with them, tracking their interactions, and nurturing them with the right strategies all at once through a tool. 


This lead generation tool is an excellent option for small businesses. This all-in-one CRM tool allows you to organize, manage, track and nurture the leads. The tool automatically tracks your prospects’ interaction and keeps your sales and marketing team updated with the activities. It even consists of features for creating a landing page, managing contacts, and more. 

Pricing: This lead generation tool is free to use with limited features. Paid plans depend upon the features you need. 


Zoho is a web-based CRM system with plenty of features that make it an ideal fit for various businesses to generate leads. It identifies the qualified leads, nurtures them towards the sales pipeline, analyzes and tracks key information, and engages with them.

Pricing: The tool is free for upto three users. 

For Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions, Zoho provides a 15-day free trial. Every version varies in terms of features and pricing. 

The plans start at:

  • Zoho Standard – $12/user per month
  • Zoho Professional – $20/user per month
  • Zoho Enterprise – $35/user per month 

And the Zoho Ultimate Edition starts at $45/user per month and offers a 30-day free trial. 

Sales Tools

The goal for lead generation for the businesses is to convert the leads into sales. And since there are even existing customers of the business, these lead generation tools are the best way for making sales and nurturing the customers. 


Salesforce is among the best lead generation tools. It makes it easier to generate, qualify, manage and route leads, customers, sales team, and more. This lead generation tool combines with various software that allows businesses to sell more and deliver better. 

Pricing: Plans range from $25/month to $300/month, depending upon your business needs. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

You must be aware of LinkedIn. Apart from connecting with the prospects, many businesses use this lead generation tool to generate leads and build relationships. LinkedIn Sales navigator helps you identify the profile of your prospects, make a list, and increase conversions through the LinkedIn platform. Using the search and filter features, you can sort and reach the targeted prospects. The tool even provides information for a deeper understanding of your prospect.  

Pricing: The annual pricing ranges from $64.99/month for the Professional plan and $103.33 per license for the team. Enterprises can connect for the quote. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective technique for generating leads online. By sending emails to the prospects, you can educate your subscribers, eventually turning them into customers. And consumers who like to connect with a brand are more likely to welcome emails. 


It is one of the easiest lead generation tools for email marketing. The tool provides email automation and could be used for free for sending 12000 emails/month and storing upto 2000 contacts.

Pricing: The tool offers a free plan with some basic features. 

  • The Essential plan starts at $9.99/month
  • The Standard plan starts at $14.99/month
  • The Premium plan starts at $299/month



Social proof notifications are an amazing and effective lead generation tactic. These are used to capture the attention of your visitors to the website. Each time when someone makes a purchase, TrustPulse shows the notification on the website. And displaying the recent purchases made by the visitors entices others to buy them. 

Pricing: The packages are as follows:

  • The basic package starts at $49.50
  • The plus package starts at $99.50
  • The pro package starts at $199.50
  • The growth package starts at $299.50


Business Directory Platforms

The most convenient and effective way to generate leads is by listing your business on the online directory platforms. 85% of the people use the internet for finding a particular business. They do not look for a specific company name but look for the services of the company. And business directory platforms list various businesses based on their services. These listings will help you to generate more leads. Some top-rated directories are:


Clutch is a popular platform for IT & marketing services & software providers. It evaluates businesses based on quantitative and qualitative factors like client reviews, years of experience, recognition, market position, and much more. 

Pricing: Free 

Good Firms 

Thousands of people visit Good Firms to find a solution to their needs. For coming in the eyes of those prospects, list your business on Good Firms. Once listed on the authorized site, leads are sure to get generated and result in increased conversions. The platform also provides users with your client reviews as social proof for generating leads. 

Pricing: Free to register. 

For listing on the top, you will have to pay.


    Which Lead Generation Tool Would You Use for Your Business?

    Lead generation is hectic and time taking, we know. But these lead generation tools would simplify the processes and help in generating effective leads for the business. When it comes to choosing the one for your business, make sure to select the one that aligns with your business goals. 

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