Digital Marketing Checklist Every SMB Should Prepare Before Getting Started

Author : EvenDigit

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As a startup, small, or mid-sized business owner, are you trying hard to increase your sales and expand your business? There’s one way to get in front of the eyes of your customers and scale your business – Digital Marketing!

Today, 74% of consumers rely on social media to make their purchasing decision.

But what if your business does not show up online? You might never come into the customer’s list. And that is how you are missing out on so much.You need to get started with your digital marketing.

But, wait. Before you start, here is a Digital Marketing checklist you should prepare to get results in your budget.

SMB’s Digital Marketing Checklist

Create A Well-Optimized Website

Usually, startups or small and mid-sized businesses create a low-functional website just for the sake of having an identity with “www”. But it does not help you derive results you must get from a website; instead, it makes you lose what you already have.

Imagine what would happen to a building if the foundation is weak? It would not last for long. Just like that, a website is the foundation of your brand’s digital marketing. Almost 40% of the audience judges a brand based on its website! And if it is weak or let’s say

  • poorly designed,
  • not mobile-friendly,
  • takes more than three seconds to load, or
  • have poor quality multimedia,

You may risk your overall business, lose almost 40% of your customers, drop conversions by 20% and drive 50% of your customers to your competitors!

So, to get the real ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment), make sure your website, the destination of your brand, is well-optimized, user-friendly, and has everything that it must have.

Email Marketing

You would not want your customers or potential customers to lose the way to your brand, right? Email Marketing won’t let that happen. Not just this, you will be surprised to know what else email marketing has got for you. 4400% ROI! Yes, you read that right. Along with this, email marketing:

  • Saves you from wasting your budget on uninterested users.
  • Helps you segment the audience.
  • Reach in the inbox of your interested users directly.
  • Derive high ROMI without investing a large chunk of your marketing budget.
  • Allows you to perform cross-channel marketing.

Social Media Marketing

What water is to human life, social media marketing is to the digital marketing of a business! 96% of small businesses use social media marketing. Wondering why? Social media is a marketing hub comprising almost 50% of the world’s population.

So, how they, you, or anyone could leave this chunk of your audience.


  • develop brand awareness,
  • promote and advertise your services,
  • reach your target audience,
  • build customer loyalty,
  • generate leads, increase website traffic,
  • build customer loyalty, and
  • drive conversions,
  • it is important to have a prominent social media presence.

The list of social media platforms is quite long. Each of them is unique in its way. But, to get effective results in your budget, select only specific platforms relevant to your brand and audience.

Local SEO

What if the customers in your neighborhood are not aware of your existence? Targeting the worldwide audience takes time to derive results, but targeting the potential audience near you does not.

46% of Google searches have ‘local intent’. Customers are more likely to search about the services and products near them. ‘Near me’ searches have grown by 136% over the last few years.

Your potential customers might also be searching for your service within your area. However, it’s not necessary that you appear to be in the SERPs.

Local SEO helps in ranking your website on top of SERPs and increases organic traffic and leads. It also ensures your business appears in Google my business listing, and you get more in-store visits. Yes, 78% of local searches result in an offline purchase.

Content Marketing

Imagine a dish without ingredients? Can’t, right? That’s how these digital marketing strategies mentioned above would be without content. Nonexistent! Be it your website, emails, social media, or SEO; every marketing activity requires content.

Content is not just the text but videos, infographics, and everything that can be read, seen, or heard. And without it, it is impossible even to reach your target audience and convey your message.

So, you must invest in content marketing, as 70% of marketers already have.

Need Help in Checklisting These Digital Marketing Strategies?

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