7 Best Practices For Holiday Digital Marketing

Author : EvenDigit

7 Best Practices For Holiday Digital Marketing
Along with joy and excitement, the holiday season also brings along an excellent opportunity for businesses to make the most of their desired sales.

But in 2021, only a solid online presence could make you achieve those. Almost everyone prefers shopping online during the holiday season. And it has been witnessed in India, 63% of people shopped online during the festive season. Not just this, we have observed a 42% increase in the total festive shopping budget.

To grab a similar opportunity during the holiday season in the US, you need to have a whole different set of digital marketing strategies. Regular ones just won’t get you enough.

You need not search for it. We have got some best digital marketing practices for the holiday season right next to this festive season. Let us look at what those are.

7 Best Practices For Holiday Digital Marketing
Plan Offers & Discounts

28% of Indians were unlikely to shop during the festive season due to the unavailability of relevant offers and discounts.

Offers & discounts are the holiday boost! These are the secrets that push down the prospect to the final purchasing stage. To entice your prospect to finally take the decision and buy the product they have been considering for long, slide the ball in their court in the form of offers and discounts.

During the holiday season, offers & discounts are included in every business’s marketing checklist. Literally, everyone’s!

But by offering something special and unique offers & discounts than your competitors can make you reach on top in their shopping list. It is a great opportunity to make users choose you over your competitors and gain customer loyalty.

Set Your Budget For Holiday Season

During the holiday season, almost all of the users prefer online shopping. To grab the maximum market share, from large enterprises to startups, everyone utilizes the key of digital marketing irrespective of if they have been doing it all year or not.

Thousands of brands are on the internet, set a specific digital marketing budget to give tough competition to every brand on the list.

Also, identify your goals before determining your budget. We often decide our budget randomly without any goals, which results in either overspending & wastage of resources or underspending & shortage of sales. In both cases, we lose something or the other.

So, make sure you set S.M.A.R.T goals before setting your budget for digital marketing during the holiday season.

Create Engaging Holiday Content

It takes a second for a user to scroll a post on social media. In the ocean of content, how can you make users stop and stare at your brand? By presenting the actual customer value of your product.

The holiday season is the emotionally charged time of the year. So, the content you create during the holiday season must satisfy a person’s economical, egoistical, and emotional needs.

Letting the customers know why your product is necessary is an all-year strategy of every business. To stand out and trigger a response in a minute, focus on creating content that answers their queries and gives them a zeal to buy your product!

Theme-Based Campaign

Creating a theme-based campaign in simple words means aligning the activities of all the departments around one idea.

During the holiday season, plan coordinated digital marketing strategies for every team. Be it PPC, SEO, or Content, the core idea of every activity should be the same throughout.

For instance, if you decide to highlight the features of your product or service, so Google ads, videos, blogs, social media posts, hashtags, everything must highlight the features.

Boost Your Email Marketing

From running errands to checking up on holiday shopping, a customer has so much to do during the season. Users are left with quite a limited time to check their phones.

But in all the holiday bustle, they do not skip checking their emails. Because that’s where the flood of promos and deals comes in. To grab the best deals, users frequently check their email list.

Getting into the inbox is not enough! Engage your subscribers by sending emails highlighting promotions & deals and product details to encourage them to buy your product in real-time.

Otherwise, you never know that users would even consider investing their time toggling their phone tabs to check out your product or service in the chaos of holiday preps.

Focus On Instagram Reels

When it comes to social media, 78% of marketers use Instagram to promote their brand. And Instagram Reels are something that has gotten the users buzzing.

It is truly the life of the app. The feature asks you to create short video content to hook the users with your brand.

Creating and posting fun, engaging reels instantly spike your shares and engagement rate to the top during the holiday season. It is the reason why it is at the forefront of Instagram algorithms.

Influencer Marketing

You must have heard about influencers. They can be seen all over social media influencing people and making their impact.

Collaborating with the right target influencers to promote your product/service is one of the creative ways to level up your brand reach and foster connection with your customers in the holiday season. It eases your efforts and showers you with exceptional results.

Wondering how?

By reaching one right influencer, you get access to a large audience that already trusts the personality. You need not search for an audience or put the effort in making them believe in you. It is a one-minute job for the influencers to encourage their audience to buy the product/service.

Open The Door Of Increased ROI This Holiday Season…

The holiday season is your key to the door of exceptional results, increased ROI, sales, and everything you desire all year.

At EvenDigit, our digital marketing experts can make you reach the door. We can help you with planning and executing the right strategies for this holiday season. So, why not grab the opportunity to get the most? Contact us today!