How to Check If Local SEO Is Right for Your Business?

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Local SEO

Services near me’ is a common search keyword these days. Customers are looking for businesses, products & services near them and they cannot just wait to get the results showing up. Several businesses are selling products and services similar to yours…How then does a local customer find you & choose you among others? It is all about Local SEO. Optimizing your business for the local searches is a trick you need to master to stay ahead of your local competitors.

What is Local SEO?

As an answer to the question, ‘What is local SEO’ it may be declared that local SEO is a part of local business marketing in which certain strategies are implemented to boost search visibility for a business that has a local brick & mortar presence and runs throughout a specific geographical location. Local SEO strategies are all about streamlining efforts like on-page optimizations, off-page activities, content and link building with targeted, localized intent. Claiming a local business listing, location data management, management of online reviews & ratings, location-centric social media marketing are some of the many important aspects of local SEO or local search engine optimization.

What’s the difference between local and organic SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that aims at optimizing business in a way that it shows up inevitably in a customer’s local search results. For example, when a customer enters queries like ‘Attorney in (Location Name)’ or ‘Attorney near me’, Google at once recognizes the local intent in the customer’s search and presents him/her with a location-based business listing in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Organic SEO, on the other hand, is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sans the geographical component (i.e. the location). It is a standard practice that aims at optimizing a business for better ranking in the search engines and, unlike local SEO, is never intended to satisfy a customer’s local search query. In other words, organic SEO has a more generic approach while local SEO has a more targeted, specific approach.

Why does local SEO matter?

Customers who are entering local search queries are likely to have urgency towards using that particular service/product. When they enter ‘Near Me’ or ‘At (Location Name)’ in their search query, it implies that they are in a hurry to use that particular product or service…they want to save time and hassle by opting for a service/product located in vicinity to where they are staying. If your business can manage to attract local search customers through local SEO for business, you are likely to experience a surge in conversions soon.
As per Google’s research, 46% of the people rely on Google search for finding local businesses. Furthermore, a research report submitted by Google declares, “50% of consumers are likely to visit a store who use smartphones to conduct a local search, and 34% who conducted a local search even on computer and tablets also visited a local store within a time of a day” That explains why local SEO matters for your business.

How Does Local SEO Impact Your Business?

Local SEO allows your business to ‘get found’ exactly when customers are searching for a business similar to yours within their community or nearby. Showing up in the search results on time is a big thing as it can drive in conversions & traffic for your business almost immediately. Even if your business doesn’t have a website talking about your products and services, potential customers will still find you in the SERP and will hopefully contact you for purchasing from you. Yes, that’s the power of local SEO. If you can do it the right way; there’ll perhaps be no looking back for you!

Which Businesses Are Getting Benefit from Local SEO

In recent times, most entrepreneurs are aware of the benefits of local SEO. Therefore, they are implementing local SEO strategies alongside standard SEO practices. When two SEO strategies are practised hand-in-hand, businesses can scale new heights quite rapidly. Businesses that are getting most benefited from local SEO are:

Real estate

If you are into real estate business, you can implement local SEO strategies to sell properties by taking advantage of the location of your target audience. Local search results can provide every detail about your business to an audience who are searching online with a local intent…And that’s how your business takes off!

Healthcare services

Stats reveal that over 70% of the internet users go online to search for healthcare services near them…thus; local SEO optimization can spearhead growth for the various healthcare services such as care clinics, diagnostic centres, chiropractor services, dentists etc.

Lawyer/Attorney Services

Stats show that many users are searching online for attorneys to get rid of their legal problem as soon as possible. Also, a large percentage of the searchers declared that reviews and ratings online do matter when it comes to deciding on which attorney to hire.

Cleaning Services

Making your cleaning business available to the local audience can get you listed on the top of the search engine results page and boost sales like anything.

Food delivery business/restaurant services

People planning to eat out often look for restaurants/food delivery services nearby. Therefore, food delivery businesses/restaurants can get more traffic and sales through the use of local SEO strategies.

To sum up, if you have a business and wish to know whether local SEO is right for your business or not, the answer is ‘Yes, definitely it is’. Local SEO clubbed with standard SEO services can change local searchers into sure-shot buyers of your goods or services. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the power of local SEO right away!