5 horrible Mistakes you might be Doing with your Current Google Ads

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Google Ads Mistakes

Do you know?

If you are not following the right approach in your google ads, you might be losing 83% of online orders and 51% of revenue growth.

As a business owner, it could be a worse situation for all of you when there is a lack of online orders or phone calls, so you need to take some steps to generate revenue for your business.

Mistake #1: Not Using the Right Keyword Matches

Keyword Match Types Ppc
You can choose great PPC keywords, but if you don’t deploy them well, they won’t get you the results you want.

Choosing your keyword match types is an important way to determine which searchers see your ads, and this ultimately impacts your sales.

Mistake #2: Lack of Ad Extensions and Poorly Written Ads

Google Ads Extension
Google has made it easier for you to write better ad copies and adjust your settings to get the best ROI.
With ad extensions, you can use sitelink, call, and location extensions to enhance your ad. The right ad extensions will ultimately increase your click rate.

The challenge is to ensure that your landing page has high impacting content so that when visitors get there, they’ll find what they’re looking for and not just what you may be willing to show them.


Mistake #3: Not Understanding Profit Margins and Conversions

Google Profit Per Customer
When you’re running a business – even in the offline world – you have to conduct conversion tracking and track your profit margins. You do this because you want to improve your revenue, not just your short-term profit.
You can actually save money when you understand how much you’re expected to make and what conversion rate will get you there.
So, you could easily use this simple formula to calculate the profit margin for your Google ads campaign:

Mistake #4: Not Using Negative keywords

Negative Keywords Importance
Negative keywords are the easiest way to reach the most targeted customers, reduce your costs, and boost your ROI.

It helps you increase your Google Ads quality score as well. For example, Search Scientists increased their client’s quality score by 60.1% and also decreased CPC by 24.6%.

By using a negative keyword, you can exclude keywords that aren’t a good match for your product or service. Doing so can lower your cost and increase your revenue.

Many Google advertisers make the mistake of ignoring the importance of compiling a negative keyword list and then wonder why their ads aren’t converting the way that they’re supposed to.

Mistake #5: Not Focusing on the Quality Score

Ignoring Quality Score
From Google’s point of view, Quality Score matters because it is representative of the relevance of your ads to users’ search queries. Google is the top-dog search engine and they want to keep it that way, and Quality Score helps them ensure that the ads users are seeing are relevant to their search queries.

From an advertisers’ viewpoint, Quality Score is extremely important for many reasons. This metric determines whether a keyword is even eligible to enter an auction and, therefore, whether your ad will show for a user’s query on the Google Search Network. Additionally, Quality Score, along with CPC bid, determines ad rank, and this is very important – especially for advertisers with a limited budget. The ad rank formula for the Google Search Network is as follows:

Ad Rank = CPC bid × Quality Score

Quality Score Formula

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