5 Horrible Mistakes You Might Be Doing With Your Current SEO

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Seo Mistakes To Avoid

Do you know?

If you are not having the right SEO agency you might be losing 75% of website traffic and 40% of revenue growth.

As an internet marketing technique, search engine optimization plays an important role in the growth of your online business. Not only does it help search engine robots to accurately index your web pages, but it also helps enhance user experience. Moreover, as a long-term marketing strategy, SEO can help drive organic traffic and steadily boost your site’s ranking in SERPs.

Mistake #1: Not optimizing for the right keywords

Wrong Keyword Selection
Keywords can help your search traffic and rankings. It is important to choose the right keywords for an article, because Keywords are an indicator and crucial factor to hanging the content on the SERP in response to a user search using a search term like this keyword. For Example “SEO Services” can be a good keyword for an agency with huge search volume but not ensure conversion as compared to “Affordable SEO Services for Business”

Mistake #2: Expecting SEO results to take immediate effect for new web sites

Getting Immediate Seo Results
You shouldn’t expect an immediate effect. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. Instant gratification just doesn’t work with SEO. Modern SEOs focus on the long-term, and on satisfying the user with their site content. The real SEO benefits will come to you in about 6 months or more. The reason for this delay is that your new website needs to have quality content, engage users, get contextual links, garner social signals, and so much more. This all takes time.


Mistake #3: Not focusing on the website speed

Website Loading Speed

Speed is very important for a website. It’s so important that Google has made it an actual ranking factor. Over having a fast loading site is crucial. It is considered a very strong ranking signal by search engines and with Google recommendations for a page load speed of 2 seconds or less, this is something we cannot ignore. For a while now, we all have learned, there is a direct correlation between page speed and visitor retention and bounce rate. Customer retention means revenues. Page load speed is considered one of the major ranking factors by Google. Over the last few years, with devices becoming faster, the Page load time has become very critical to the success of a website.

Many marketers not focus on the website loading speed and that cause them low rankings, less traffic, high bounce rate and fewer conversions.

Mistake #4: Ignoring Mobile Devices

Mobile Seo
Mobile devices have made a revolutionary breakthrough during the last couple of decades. Smartphones and tablets are taking over the lead in web searches and you have to adjust to the new situation. Ignoring mobile devices is like saying no to 50% of your visitors. If you don’t create mobile-friendly pages, Google will recognize them as unfriendly for those searching from such devices.


Mistake #5: Writing Poor-Quality Content

Poor Quality Content
Poor quality content is not just limited to the absence of any value-adding factors like infographics, graphs, etc. but also includes a whole other category– plagiarism. In a world with millions of articles and opinions on the same topic, originality remains a key factor in making your content rank on top. Duplicated content can be easily detected by the search engines and will affect your ranking severely if found plagiarized.

In conclusion, when you’re running an online business, it’s best to keep an eye out for smaller elements like readability and user-friendliness. You never know how it impacts the business in the long run.

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