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4.2+ billion people use social media platforms every day. These platforms are playing a vital role in adding value to their lives in terms of education, hacks, entertainment, lifestyle, cooking, social interaction, and many more for a long time.

Now social media platforms have emerged as “unavoidable” for businesses and are mandatory if you want to increase your online brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

When it comes to increasing sales from social media, the most important thing is implementing a result-based social media marketing strategy.

If the appropriate strategies are not enforced, social media marketing may feel like a burden of paying installments for an untaken loan “only efforts & nothing in return”.

7 Most Effective Ways to Drive Sales with Social Media

Here we are sharing 7 effective ways which will upgrade your sales strategies for your social media advertising or marketing:

1. Use the Social Channel That Your Audience Use

Different social media platforms have different audience bases with several interests. It’s important to study the target audience while making a sales-driven strategy. It will give you an idea of where to put in all that effort and time.

Social Channel
Here are some ideas for the audience base on different platforms:

  • LinkedIn for B2B brands
  • Instagram & Snapchat for Gen Z and millennials
  • Facebook for an adult audience, B2B and B2C
  • YouTube for education, entertainment, and informational content

Targeting the audience base on the right platform with refined content strategy will surely increase your chances of getting sales rather than posting the same content on every platform.

For instance, if you own a business of luxury products or services, then Instagram and Pinterest will be booming platforms for you. Or, if your product/services offer for the age of 35+, finding your target audience on Facebook would be ideal.

2. Avoid pushy content

Social media platforms are not intentionally meant for buying and selling; the major motto of the concept is to socialize people virtually.

Posting too much pushy and sales content will be going to work against. The audience is more likely to trust the brands which provide helpful and valuable content.

Pushy Content
Try to post content that educates your audience, like how-to posts, recipes if you have something edible, and other strategic posts that add some value to your audience’s life and provoke them to use the product.

Some tips which will help you to create engaging social content:

  • Share helpful tips related to brand & products
  • Share your brand story, testimonials, reviews, and more to build trust with your brand faster
  • Promote a social cause
  • Share posts that answer potential questions for your brand “like how-to” or “why this”
  • Make your post relatable every time with a brand and target audience.

3. Make Your Buyers Your Influencers & Advocates

Heading towards influencers of a certain niche may be good, but do you know the best strategy to level up your social network advertising game for your brand? It’s to make your customers promoters for your brand.

When the audience sees ads or promotions from social influencers, they are more likely to lose genuineness for your products as they know the influencer is promoting it in exchange for money or freebies.

Make Your Buyers Your Influencers
But when a loyal customer promotes a product that adds value to their life, chances increase to influence other audiences.

Collaborating with real customers in exchange for freebies, discounts, or referrals to encourage them to post for your brand and products with genuine reviews will entice other audiences to make their decision.

4. Use Shoppable Posts

Social commerce is accelerating, and platforms are updating their interfaces day by day for users to have a smooth purchasing experience.

Shoppable Posts
Many social media platforms provide features to tag products directly in the posts or stories, which helps customers with instant decision making and purchasing without searching on different platforms.

Look at some social platforms’ shoppable extensions:

  • Instagram provides a tag feature with the product’s name, description, and price. After purchase, you can directly track the purchase and update for shipping directly from Instagram.
  • Facebook provides a shop section to list your products on the company page.
  • Pinterest provides buyable pins to make a direct purchase from the app.

You can easily increase the sales for your business by uploading appealing and engaging purchasable posts with the right extensions or features provided by the platforms.

5. Stay Consistent with Your Posting Schedule

Consistency is the key to success, and the same logic holds in the case of social media marketing.

Posting Schedule
The algorithm pushes the accounts with so much informational content to share with their audiences.

Consistent posting results in consistent engagement from the followers and makes the company’s profile look rich and dense.

The user follows any brand because its content has generated valuable interest for him and wants to be updated with the brand. Consistently posting will satisfy and engage the follower while increasing brand trust simultaneously.

The posting frequency may vary for different goals, platforms, niches, audiences, and many factors. Still, we are sharing the ideal frequency of posting on some channels to make it easy for you:

  • Facebook – 3 posts/week
  • Instagram – not more than 2-3 posts/week
  • Twitter – 2-4 tweets/day
  • LinkedIn – 2-5 posts/week

Remember not to post too frequently; otherwise, it can annoy the audience. There will be a high chance that they will lead to boredom and may lose interest in your brand.

6. Create Brand Specific Hashtags

Hashtags are the building blocks for every business’s marketing strategy. The hashtag plays a crucial role in targeting new audiences and people looking for the same interest.

Almost every social media platform lets you use hashtags for community engagement and use them as keywords for relevant search results.

Creating brand-specific hashtags can work wonders for your business. They give the brand a unique identity and bring many potential customers.

Brand Specific Hashtags
Hashtags can be the name of companies, products, campaigns, social causes, slogans, and many others, differing according to strategy.

Algorithms decide business niche categories by the hashtags. To stop irrelevant traffic to your business account, try to limit the number and start using only relevant hashtags.

The ideal number of hashtags on some platforms to use for a business post:

  • Facebook – 3-5 hashtags
  • Twitter – 1-2 hashtags
  • LinkedIn – no more than 3 hashtags
  • Pinterest – 2-8 hashtags maximum
  • YouTube – not more than 15 hashtags

Let’s say you are a social media marketing agency, so using #socialmediamarketingpackages in the post will be discoverable to the audience looking for the intention of knowing more about the prices.

7. Promote Flash Sales

Flash sales are a great way to create a sense of urgency in viewers. Flash sales, also known as “deal of the day sales,” last for short/limited period, mostly between 24 and 36 hours.

Most companies announce these sales during the festive time as this sale aims to attract the customers’ attention and increase sales. Promoting it closer to the time of the festive season increases the chances of conversion by 80%.

Flash Sales
Using social media platforms to promote flash sales can bring many potential customers. Still, the business must become a trusted brand before promoting sales on social media.

You can use Facebook to create the event for your followers & Instagram stories can be used to showcase the time for the sale. You can run ad campaigns to reach a new audience & can skyrocket the sales.

Running ads requires a lot of knowledge, so hiring a social media agency to maximize ROI is ideal. The agency will run result-oriented ads for your business and bring in many untapped clients with their expertise.


Many ways can increase sales for your business. Still, we have shared the seven most genuine, tried, and tested working methods that many experienced social media marketing companies have strategized over the years.

Each business niche requires a different approach and strategy to increase sales through social media marketing. It would be ideal to hire an experienced social media agency to bring industry marketing expertise to your business.


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According to a report,

– Businesses drive average revenue worth $2 on every $1 spent on Google Ads.
– Average CTR for the Google ad at the first position is 7.94%.
– People are four times more likely to click on Google ads than any other ad.

This is not it, there are numerous other benefits that a business gets through Google ads!

But for driving such exceptional results, you need an exceptional agency that is a Google Premier Partner. The Premier Partners can drive top-notch results for their clients.

And guess what, your favorite digital marketing agency, EvenDigit, has achieved the ‘2022 Google Premier Partner Badge‘. We are now amongst the top 3% of Google Partners across India. We have access to innumerable benefits of becoming the Google Premier Partner Agency.

If we have got this much, just imagine, what all can you get by working with a Google Premier Partner?

Let’s look at some of the amazing benefits below.

Benefits Of Working With A Google Premier Partner Agency

VIP Connection With Google

Working with a Google Premier Partner gets you to Google before anyone! Yes, you read that right. Google frequently makes new changes & features to AdWords. You just need not learn about them but stay on top of them to run a successful ad campaign.

Google Premier Partners get access to product betas and detailed insights into the latest changes even before they are introduced to other users and the public. They even get to use the latest technology that the competitors will not have access to.

Promotional Offers

One of the most amazing benefits you get by working with a Google Premier Partner is access to promotional offers. When your new ad account is set up through the Premier partner, you get ads credit worth $500. Yes, it’s true. But, there are certain terms & conditions that you need to adhere to.

24×7 Advanced Google Ads Support

Are you struggling to get solutions to your campaign-related queries from the customer support team in real-time? Due to the pandemic, the support agent’s availability has become a matter of concern.

However, this is not the case when working with the Google Premier Partner. Instead, the grievance handling becomes tenfold swift as they get support on priority. Premier partners can connect with Google representatives related to your campaign or account issues anytime. They get access to 24-hour advanced ad support to resolve their client’s problems and bolster their success.

Exclusive Access To Google Workshops & Training Sessions

Google Premier Partners are always updated with the latest products & developments. Wondering how? Because they get to attend the workshops, meetings, events, trainings, seminars, and discussions along with other Premier partners by the Google team.

The partners use this information to develop new ads strategies for their clients. Not just this, they even conduct workshops for you.

Top-Notch Results

Despite how best the Google ads practices you use for your campaign, the campaign is useless if they are not driving any revenue. But when you hire a Google Premier Partner, you can rest assured. They own that status because they have consistently derived positive results for their clients. They execute the best practices to convert the ad campaign at a higher rate.

Why Should Businesses Choose EvenDigit As Google Premier Partner Agency?

Look no further than EvenDigit as your Google Premier Partner Agency. By winning the Google Premier Partner badge, we have excelled ourselves in terms of:

– expertise to handle high ad budgets,
– client retention & growth,
– overall ad revenue,
– annual ads spend, and so much more.

We have a certified paid team of members who have created, managed, and optimized excellent Google ad campaigns for clients across the globe for 10+ years. Apart from creating new, our PPC experts have in-depth knowledge of restructuring the existing PPC campaigns. Not just this, we also won the Skill Score Galore Hackathon, organized by Google.

At EvenDigit, we know how to deliver guaranteed results to our clients and convert campaigns at a higher rate. We have achieved a 20% success rate in our PPC campaigns, managed $4,500,000 worth of Google ads, and generated 10000 leads/month.

Final Thoughts

At EvenDigit, our experts are updated with the latest Google policies and insights to optimize the campaign performance and drive your desired results. If you are struggling to improve your campaign performance, contact our experts today!


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Are you struggling to interact with your customers? Convert those prospects into customers? Become the first choice of your customers?

If yes, that’s because you don’t know them!

Customers are the heart & soul of business. To reach them, interact with them and convert them, you need to be in their shoes. That’s only possible by creating buyer personas!

Buyer personas are nothing but fictional representations of your ideal customers. It gives you insights into how and why a customer buys your product. Today, 44% of B2B marketers use buyer personas, and you should do too!

Why Buyer Persona is Important & How Does It Help?

Usually, brands create a marketing strategy according to what they want the customers to know. Are you doing the same? You are just wasting your efforts and increasing the risk of losing your customers through this.

Customers tend to trust a brand that addresses their concerns, pain points, needs, and wants. But how would you know what they want? Through buyer personas.

Buyer personas provide detailed insights about your customers. Not just this, it sets the tone of your entire marketing strategy and how the brand should interact with the audience.

Helps You Identify Needs & Wants of Customers

Through buyer personas, you get a sense of what your prospects like, dislike, need, or want and know what information they are looking for.

You also understand what you should offer, how to interact with them, what type of content to produce, which marketing activities to perform, which channels to use, what information to post, and so much more. Buyer personas also help you identify new opportunities to solve the customers’ problems.

Understanding Purchasing Decisions

The purchasing decision is the thought process that leads a customer to purchase a product or service. Buyer personas help you understand that process and how to get in front of the prospect at the right time.

For instance, the persona shows that prospects do 95% of the research online before buying. With relevant and informational content related to customers’ needs, you can easily appear in front of them and persuade them to buy.

Allows You To Segment

Based on different buyer personas, you can segment your audience. By this, you can create content and offer targeted content to specific personas. These personalized emails would engage the audience.

While the visitors visit your website and fill a form, ask them which persona they fit in. It will help you list contacts easily in the specific persona.

What If You Don’t Use Buyer Persona?

Targeting the audience without buyer personas is like throwing an arrow blindfolded without setting a target! Nobody knows where it will hit, and even you lose track of direction to throw. Ultimately you waste the chance.

Similarly, when you target without buyer personas, you cannot identify who your real audience is. Executing non-targeted campaigns have zero chances of you reaching your actual buyer. You ultimately waste your resources and lose track of whom to sell by targeting anyone & everyone.

Here Is How To Use Buyer Persona Effectively

Write eBooks & Blogs Keeping A Specific Persona in Mind

Buyer personas give you insights into what customers want and the problems they are struggling with. Using that information, create an eBook or publish a blog that solves the problem and answers a particular persona’s questions. You can even target long-tail keywords through blogs.

Create Videos

What if you get to know during the research that one of the personas hates reading? What would you do? Create videos as the customer will prefer watching videos to reading a long blog post or an eBook. And offering diverse content types according to customers’ preferences helps you achieve amazing results.

Optimize Landing Pages For Personas

Having the same landing page for every persona could affect your conversion rate as every user responds to different designs and content. So, optimize landing pages.

You need to change the design and content of the page according to a specific persona or, let’s say specific audience. Say if you target an older audience, do not use smaller fonts or quirky content as they would have difficulty reading and instead of attracting it would confuse them.

Reallocate Your Ad Spend & Human Resources

Once you have created buyer personas, you will get a clear idea of which channels your ideal customers use, where they spend most of their time, which resources they prefer, etc. You need to be there where customers are.

So, audit your current spending and reallocate it on the platforms mostly used by the personas. Just like the ad spend, reallocate the personnel as well. If you find that most of the time by the ideal customers is spent on Twitter, make sure you have a dedicated Twitter team to monitor and engage with your target audience.

Audit Your Existing Content

To attract specific customers, you need to create specific content. Perform a content audit and analyze whether the content aligns with your buyer personas? If not, update it.

Segment Out Negative Personas

A negative persona is the semi-fictional representation of people who are not your ideal customers. Creating negative personas sharpens your knowledge and understanding of your target customers.

After which, you can easily segregate bad apples from the basket. It prevents you from wasting resources on the wrong customers and helps you create the best marketing strategy to target the right audience.

Target Right Customers Using Buyer Personas

What if you do not create buyer personas? Whom will you target? Not every individual out there is your target audience. For instance, if you offer digital marketing services. Who will your target? Of course, business owners who want to promote their brand and not school students.

You will gain nothing but lose your time, cost, efforts, and everything by targeting anyone & everyone. And no business owner wants this to happen.

Buyer personas safeguard you from such a loss! These define who your target customers are, their needs, wants, challenges, goals, preferences and, in turn, give you a deeper understanding. 90% of companies who use buyer personas claim to know their audience and what they want.

Trust us when we say that buyer personas are the pathway to reach your target customers. You become aware of what strategies to perform, how to perform, and so much more with the help of buyer personas.

As a Result, Increase Your CTR

When you target right, your CTR automatically swells up. And increased CTR is a telltale sign of excellent marketing strategy. CTR is nothing but the ratio of clicks to total impressions.

CTR is not limited to the ads, but it could refer to the number of clicks on email links, number of clicks on social media posts, number of clicks on CTAs of your blog posts, number of clicks on CTAs of landing pages, or number of clicks on videos.

Once you set the buyer personas, you get to know who your target audience is, what they are looking for, and their interests, needs, preferences, and wants. Thus, you craft your marketing strategies in a way that appeals to them. You start speaking in their language and appear in front of them the way they like and on channels they spend their time on.

And relevant marketing and content impresses them and entices them to click on your link, ad, video, etc. Which, in turn, swells up your CTR and chances of conversions to a great extent.

Take a Look At How Buyer Personas Help Businesses in Their Growth

Buyer personas are a powerful tool that helps the business grow and reach new heights. We have witnessed the results while performing digital marketing for one of our clients, ABC Training Academy.

It is an Australia-based training institute that offers PTE, NAATI CCL & IELTS exam courses to international students and helps them achieve their desired scores. Initially, nobody knew about the brand, it had a limited online presence, and digital marketing was in quite a bad shape.

Zero organic traffic on the website, poor rankings on local search queries, poor website appearance & content, poor engagement on social media platforms and emails was hampering the brand to a great extent.

To deliver quick results according to the client, we started with rectifying aimlessly & targeting everyone. Our team started putting in efforts day & night. Even conducted meetings thrice a week to identify the challenges. Also experimented with various strategies, ran A/B testing, optimized content quite a few times to drive engagement, and ran ads.

Over 6 months, we continued with this practice, But still, nothing worked. Instead of generating new leads and setting their way up to success, the brand was just heading backward in losses.

We were truly on the edge of giving our hopes up. But our strategy team realized that the mess was all over the place. We were targeting each & everyone, from a kid to an adult, everyone. And we did not know ‘who’ the actual audience was.

Now, the question was how to identify ‘who’ is the target audience? Where can we find them? How to understand them?

The answer was Buyer Personas!

Our professionals identified the segment of target audience. We developed different buyer personas of the client’s ideal customers that are the people who want to migrate to an English-speaking country to study abroad or to become a permanent resident.

Buyer Persona Picture 1
Buyer Persona Picture 2

We further streamlined our digital marketing efforts according to the insights mentioned in the buyer personas. We revamped the website design and executed video marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, paid advertising, & email marketing to get the results.

After months of implementing our strategies, the results were surprising!
– CTR increased to 53.1%
– Organic users on the website increased from 0 to 125K+/.
– The website gained 1st position for the keyword ‘PTE Online Coaching’ in Australia.

Today, the training institute is a popular name worldwide.

Not just this, buyer personas support a business in numerous other ways such as:

Helps You Streamline Marketing According To Customers

Creating buyer personas helps you know your ideal customer from the inside out. It guides you through the customer’s psyche and tells you why they will buy your product or service. You can easily tailor your marketing message, content, and even your products according to their perspective by knowing all this.

Makes You Stand Out From The Competitors

Many businesses produce content telling why they are best. But only a few put in their efforts to publish what customers actually want. And users today want to feel that content is specially produced for them.

When you focus on understanding your customers, identifying their problems, needs, and wants, you come up with the best solutions. In turn, this makes you a trustworthy source of information in their eyes.

Helps You Identify New Opportunities

You constantly remain in touch with your ideal customers through buyer personas. In case of any change in their behavior, these help you identify how you can improve your products to appeal to them. You can even introduce new products to address their needs and grow your business.

Final Thoughts

You must have understood through the above case study that ABC Training Institute was initially not doing well. After incorporating buyer personas in their marketing strategy, the brand flew to success.

So, whether you are a startup or an already established business operating on a big scale, creating buyer personas makes you reach your potential. You can create some creative buyer personas for free in just a few steps using our Persona Generator Tool. And if you wish to gain deeper insights into those personas, contact our experts.


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Accelerate Your Business For The Last Quarter Of The Year
2021 is coming to an end, but have you achieved the desired sales & revenue?

Businesses are putting efforts from head to toe to achieve their yearly goals. But are you putting it on or not? Now is the time which decides you lose or win by achieving your target and embark on working on your next year’s target with a bang.

If you have not started even analyzing, get started right away before it gets too late.

Take Advantage Of The Holiday Season

The holiday season is said to be the best time of the year for a reason. Along with bringing joy & love, the season brings a huge opportunity for business owners to surge their sales & overall revenue.

Do you know, overall holiday sales are expected to soar 8.5% – 10.5% and reach up to $859 billion this year? To make sure you acquire a larger share of these sales than competitors and reach your desired results quickly, entice customers to pick you over them by offering unique deals & discounts.

Ensure Customer Data Privacy & Protection

During this holiday season, you will be flooded with customer information. And the total amount of data captured will be more than double by 2024. But, maintaining privacy is paramount. 91% of consumers are concerned about data privacy. Keeping it safe & secure is the only way to gain customer loyalty, retention, trust and be the first choice of your customers.

Focus More On Paid Ads

How far are you from this year’s target? Solely depending on organic marketing is not enough. It’s like traveling by bicycle to your destination. Of course, you will reach it, but it would take hours, days, or even months. But when traveling through the air, you reach in a blink!

Similarly, you need a helicopter-like digital marketing strategy – paid advertising to get most of the results within the period. Paid Ads are a powerful weapon that gets 65% clicks and boosts brand awareness by 80%. Keeping in mind the time left, you must incorporate a well-optimized paid advertising campaign on multiple platforms to hike your overall sales instantly.

Digitize, Automate & Optimize

Last quarter not just seems but is truly the busiest period of the year. The entire team is busy & struggling hard to get the results. While they are indulged in the crucial tasks, the simplest things like sending emails to customers or posting on social media can often get delayed.

To avoid the delay as well as save team members’ time on such tasks, automate. Multiple marketing departments use marketing automation technology to answer customers’ queries, schedule social media posts, identify & nurture qualified leads, send emails, and so much more. This technological advancement has proven to make things easier.

Review, Update, Repeat

Fourth-quarter is your finale! So before you make your move, make sure you review your performance of the last three quarters!

Identify your mistakes, the gap between your target, your KPIs, tasks left to be done, and everything. It is like going through your entire book before the final exam. Ensure you target the right audience, follow the best strategies, use the right keywords in SEO, create relevant content, and get everything streamlined in the last quarter to get the results.

Gear Up For 2022

If you are not prepared for the race, you will never win!

And that is what will happen if you do not prepare for 2022. Along with achieving this year’s target, you need to focus and get ready with the strategies for next year as well. Are you wondering why?

Planning is not a job of one day. It takes time. You need to identify your goals beforehand, set a budget, and plan your digital marketing strategies for next year. If not, you will be too late to enter the race, losing almost all the chances to win.

Dig Deeper Into Numbers

On what basis are you measuring your business’s success? Based on your satisfaction? That’s not enough. To ensure how your business is performing in the market compared to your competitors and how much of the target you have achieved and are left to achieve, get the numbers!

By numbers, we mean analyzing your website traffic metrics, retention rate, conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, click-through rate, content downloads, cost per action, pageviews session, bounce rate, etc.

Focus On Remarketing Campaigns

It takes both time and money to convert a new prospect into a customer. And according to your target, do you have enough time and budget to convert new prospects? If not, remarket!

There must be visitors who might have visited your website or store but did not purchase the product or service, re-target them. You can even engage with your previous customers. This digital marketing strategy is used by multiple businesses to boost brand awareness and sales.

Reach Customers Through More Than One Way

If you are confined to limited digital marketing strategies and believe that you will get the desired results, then you should pop the bubble right away! Some might be on social media, whereas some not. You need to make sure that you are there where your customers are! Everywhere!

And the only way you can be there is via multichannel marketing. You need to expand and approach customers through a variety of channels to convert them. Use email marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing, video marketing, content marketing to reach customers and convey information about your products and services.

Hire Us To Ace Your Game In Last Quarter

Are you feeling stressed & worrying about how to incorporate all this while you have so much to do? Don’t worry. It might seem a tough job to do, but it is not for us. Our digital marketing experts can help you reach the finish line making you achieve almost your target.


Digital Marketing

November Google Core Algorithm Update Evendigit
Google announced another Core Algorithm Update! Yes, you heard it right! The holiday season is the most crucial time of the year. Every business owner creates strategies and plans to make the big bold sales. But Google has left everyone shocked this holiday season!

Before the huge Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, Google turned the tables by releasing the broad core update.

It seems like the calm before the storm as there are no updates about the updates, the percentage of websites will be impacted or changes in the Google SERPs. Though, it is sure that some might experience gain and some drops in the search ranking.

Well, you need not worry. Google has got the back for all the website owners looking for a fix in case of drops. Here is a glimpse of what you as a website owner need to do.

Core Updates and Reassessing Content

Web pages not performing well in a core update do not imply that those are violated the webmaster guidelines or have been subjected to manual or algorithmic action. Core updates do not target specific pages; instead, they understand how systems assess the content. These changes can cause under-rewarded pages to do better.

Focus on Content

If your website ranking drops or does not do well after the core update, do not run after extracting the areas and fixing them. It is suggested to focus on your content. Ensure that you are offering the best & relevant content to users because that is what Google algorithms seek. To make it easy, here is a set of questions you need to assess your content upon.

Content & Quality Questions

  • Is the information, research, analysis, and reporting original?
  • Is it providing a substantial and complete explanation of the topic? 
  • Is it providing any interesting information or insightful analysis?
  • Is the content drawing to other resources? If yes, is it original and providing additional value?
  • Is the headline/page title descriptive enough, and does it convey the summary of the content?
  • Is the headline/page title exaggerative?
  • Is the page you would prefer to bookmark, share or recommend?
  • Is the content worth being seen in or referenced by a printed magazine, book, or encyclopedia?

Expertise Questions

  • Is it presenting information in a trustworthy manner?
  • When searched, will the site come as well-trusted or widely-recognized as an authority on the topic?
  • Is it written by an expert or enthusiast?
  • Is it having any easily-verified factual errors?
  • Will you trust this content for issues relating to money or your life?

Presentation and Production Questions

  • Is it having any spelling or stylistic errors?
  • Is it appearing sloppy or hastily produced?
  • Is it mass-produced by or outsourced to creators or spread across a huge site network?
  • Is it having excessive ads that interfere with the main content?
  • When viewed on mobile, is it displaying well?

Comparative Questions

  • Is it providing substantial value as compared to other pages on SERPs?
  • Is it serving the genuine interests of site visitors or just existing solely to guess what possibly could rank well in SERPs?


Know the Quality Rater Guidelines and E-A-T

Another resource to get great content advice is the search quality rater guidelines. Search raters are people who give insights if your algorithms seem to deliver good results and help confirm that the changes are working well. They understand how the content is performing from an E-A-T perspective, i.e., Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

These raters do not have any control over the site ranking. So, their data is used as feedback that helps to know if the system is working properly. Knowing how these raters assess the content might help you improve your content and rank well.

Google EAT

Recovery and More Guidelines

You might wonder how long it will take the site to recover if the content is improved after a core update? Broad core updates take place once every few months. Content that was impacted before might not recover until another broad core update is released.

Small core updates are not noticeable but do impact the content. However, Google is constantly updating search algorithms to include small core updates. But remember, even after the improvements, recovery is not guaranteed. Only deserving content will continue to rank higher.

Compared to human beings, search engines look for signals like how pages link to each other and many others to assess the content. Before any broad core update releases, they test it and gather feedback from search quality raters.

None of the improvements made in the search are perfect. It is the reason why search engines keep on updating in regular intervals.

Get The Expert Guidance

Do you want to know if your website complies with the core update or not? If not, what should be done in such a case? Take our free SEO audit to get recommendations and suggestions from the experts. Our experts can help your website comply with the Google core updates!


Digital Marketing
7 Best Practices For Holiday Digital Marketing
Along with joy and excitement, the holiday season also brings along an excellent opportunity for businesses to make the most of their desired sales.

But in 2021, only a solid online presence could make you achieve those. Almost everyone prefers shopping online during the holiday season. And it has been witnessed in India, 63% of people shopped online during the festive season. Not just this, we have observed a 42% increase in the total festive shopping budget.

To grab a similar opportunity during the holiday season in the US, you need to have a whole different set of digital marketing strategies. Regular ones just won’t get you enough.

You need not search for it. We have got some best digital marketing practices for the holiday season right next to this festive season. Let us look at what those are.

7 Best Practices For Holiday Digital Marketing
Plan Offers & Discounts

28% of Indians were unlikely to shop during the festive season due to the unavailability of relevant offers and discounts.

Offers & discounts are the holiday boost! These are the secrets that push down the prospect to the final purchasing stage. To entice your prospect to finally take the decision and buy the product they have been considering for long, slide the ball in their court in the form of offers and discounts.

During the holiday season, offers & discounts are included in every business’s marketing checklist. Literally, everyone’s!

But by offering something special and unique offers & discounts than your competitors can make you reach on top in their shopping list. It is a great opportunity to make users choose you over your competitors and gain customer loyalty.

Set Your Budget For Holiday Season

During the holiday season, almost all of the users prefer online shopping. To grab the maximum market share, from large enterprises to startups, everyone utilizes the key of digital marketing irrespective of if they have been doing it all year or not.

Thousands of brands are on the internet, set a specific digital marketing budget to give tough competition to every brand on the list.

Also, identify your goals before determining your budget. We often decide our budget randomly without any goals, which results in either overspending & wastage of resources or underspending & shortage of sales. In both cases, we lose something or the other.

So, make sure you set S.M.A.R.T goals before setting your budget for digital marketing during the holiday season.

Create Engaging Holiday Content

It takes a second for a user to scroll a post on social media. In the ocean of content, how can you make users stop and stare at your brand? By presenting the actual customer value of your product.

The holiday season is the emotionally charged time of the year. So, the content you create during the holiday season must satisfy a person’s economical, egoistical, and emotional needs.

Letting the customers know why your product is necessary is an all-year strategy of every business. To stand out and trigger a response in a minute, focus on creating content that answers their queries and gives them a zeal to buy your product!

Theme-Based Campaign

Creating a theme-based campaign in simple words means aligning the activities of all the departments around one idea.

During the holiday season, plan coordinated digital marketing strategies for every team. Be it PPC, SEO, or Content, the core idea of every activity should be the same throughout.

For instance, if you decide to highlight the features of your product or service, so Google ads, videos, blogs, social media posts, hashtags, everything must highlight the features.

Boost Your Email Marketing

From running errands to checking up on holiday shopping, a customer has so much to do during the season. Users are left with quite a limited time to check their phones.

But in all the holiday bustle, they do not skip checking their emails. Because that’s where the flood of promos and deals comes in. To grab the best deals, users frequently check their email list.

Getting into the inbox is not enough! Engage your subscribers by sending emails highlighting promotions & deals and product details to encourage them to buy your product in real-time.

Otherwise, you never know that users would even consider investing their time toggling their phone tabs to check out your product or service in the chaos of holiday preps.

Focus On Instagram Reels

When it comes to social media, 78% of marketers use Instagram to promote their brand. And Instagram Reels are something that has gotten the users buzzing.

It is truly the life of the app. The feature asks you to create short video content to hook the users with your brand.

Creating and posting fun, engaging reels instantly spike your shares and engagement rate to the top during the holiday season. It is the reason why it is at the forefront of Instagram algorithms.

Influencer Marketing

You must have heard about influencers. They can be seen all over social media influencing people and making their impact.

Collaborating with the right target influencers to promote your product/service is one of the creative ways to level up your brand reach and foster connection with your customers in the holiday season. It eases your efforts and showers you with exceptional results.

Wondering how?

By reaching one right influencer, you get access to a large audience that already trusts the personality. You need not search for an audience or put the effort in making them believe in you. It is a one-minute job for the influencers to encourage their audience to buy the product/service.

Open The Door Of Increased ROI This Holiday Season…

The holiday season is your key to the door of exceptional results, increased ROI, sales, and everything you desire all year.

At EvenDigit, our digital marketing experts can make you reach the door. We can help you with planning and executing the right strategies for this holiday season. So, why not grab the opportunity to get the most? Contact us today!


Digital Marketing
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As a startup, small, or mid-sized business owner, are you trying hard to increase your sales and expand your business? There’s one way to get in front of the eyes of your customers and scale your business – Digital Marketing!

Today, 74% of consumers rely on social media to make their purchasing decision.

But what if your business does not show up online? You might never come into the customer’s list. And that is how you are missing out on so much.You need to get started with your digital marketing.

But, wait. Before you start, here is a Digital Marketing checklist you should prepare to get results in your budget.

SMB’s Digital Marketing Checklist

Create A Well-Optimized Website

Usually, startups or small and mid-sized businesses create a low-functional website just for the sake of having an identity with “www”. But it does not help you derive results you must get from a website; instead, it makes you lose what you already have.

Imagine what would happen to a building if the foundation is weak? It would not last for long. Just like that, a website is the foundation of your brand’s digital marketing. Almost 40% of the audience judges a brand based on its website! And if it is weak or let’s say

  • poorly designed,
  • not mobile-friendly,
  • takes more than three seconds to load, or
  • have poor quality multimedia,

You may risk your overall business, lose almost 40% of your customers, drop conversions by 20% and drive 50% of your customers to your competitors!

So, to get the real ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment), make sure your website, the destination of your brand, is well-optimized, user-friendly, and has everything that it must have.

Email Marketing

You would not want your customers or potential customers to lose the way to your brand, right? Email Marketing won’t let that happen. Not just this, you will be surprised to know what else email marketing has got for you. 4400% ROI! Yes, you read that right. Along with this, email marketing:

  • Saves you from wasting your budget on uninterested users.
  • Helps you segment the audience.
  • Reach in the inbox of your interested users directly.
  • Derive high ROMI without investing a large chunk of your marketing budget.
  • Allows you to perform cross-channel marketing.

Social Media Marketing

What water is to human life, social media marketing is to the digital marketing of a business! 96% of small businesses use social media marketing. Wondering why? Social media is a marketing hub comprising almost 50% of the world’s population.

So, how they, you, or anyone could leave this chunk of your audience.


  • develop brand awareness,
  • promote and advertise your services,
  • reach your target audience,
  • build customer loyalty,
  • generate leads, increase website traffic,
  • build customer loyalty, and
  • drive conversions,
  • it is important to have a prominent social media presence.

The list of social media platforms is quite long. Each of them is unique in its way. But, to get effective results in your budget, select only specific platforms relevant to your brand and audience.

Local SEO

What if the customers in your neighborhood are not aware of your existence? Targeting the worldwide audience takes time to derive results, but targeting the potential audience near you does not.

46% of Google searches have ‘local intent’. Customers are more likely to search about the services and products near them. ‘Near me’ searches have grown by 136% over the last few years.

Your potential customers might also be searching for your service within your area. However, it’s not necessary that you appear to be in the SERPs.

Local SEO helps in ranking your website on top of SERPs and increases organic traffic and leads. It also ensures your business appears in Google my business listing, and you get more in-store visits. Yes, 78% of local searches result in an offline purchase.

Content Marketing

Imagine a dish without ingredients? Can’t, right? That’s how these digital marketing strategies mentioned above would be without content. Nonexistent! Be it your website, emails, social media, or SEO; every marketing activity requires content.

Content is not just the text but videos, infographics, and everything that can be read, seen, or heard. And without it, it is impossible even to reach your target audience and convey your message.

So, you must invest in content marketing, as 70% of marketers already have.

Need Help in Checklisting These Digital Marketing Strategies?

You need not take a course or search for different experts to get everything done when you have the solution right here. At EvenDigit, we can help you bring these marketing ideas to life. We offer comprehensive digital marketing to businesses of every size. From developing strategies to executing them, we can help you with every step on the way to your results!


Digital Marketing

Steps to Follow Before Hiring an Agency
As a business owner, you use various channels for nurturing your business. Digital Marketing is the most common of all. However, lack of proper understanding of which is the most suitable channel often thrusts business owners into draining a lot of money with no satisfactory outcomes at all.

As compelling as marketing digitally sounds, after its enormous consumption during COVID, it has become an essential necessity for every business. Digital transformation is in trend for all from startup to enterprise and from small to large business owners.

Even a small business selling on WhatsApp spends additionally to ensure proper penetration to a wider audience for sharing product links, images, and videos.

Let’s have a look at the digital marketing market:

  • India’s digital ad market to touch $35 bn by 2030 [Source]
  • India’s ad spend to grow at 10.8 percent in 2021 [Source]
  • Digital Ad spends in India was INR 15,782 crore in 2020 [Source]
  • Digitals Ads contributed 28% of all the marketing spent [Source]

Since we now understand why Digital Marketing is essential for your business, let’s see what it is and how it works.

Definition of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a form of online marketing where brands connect with their audiences through various digital channels.

How does it work?

Your business must have some online presence like a website, social page, app, or even a single landing page to do its digital marketing. Digital assets like content, image, videos, and podcasts are promoted via these online marketing channels. The audience visits the platforms and engages with the brand for any action viz Impression, Click, Lead, or Order. The positive side of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that you can track each and every metric.

In Google Analytics, you can check wide data of your audience in a different set of reports.

Ga New

6 Steps of Creating an Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business Growth:

Create Buyer Persona

The very first thing for starting digital marketing is knowing your target customers. We often call it customer profiling, buyer persona, target group, or ideal customer profile.

You need to identify the people who will buy/try your product/service. You need to find a reason or, as we call it, a value proposition for using that service/product. To do so correctly, you need to sketch a hypothetical character with certain human-like characteristics such as some age, gender, ethnicity, income, and other such things.

Many online formats and tools for creating a buyer persona are available.

Create Buyer Persona

Check Competitors Presence

After preparing a KYC (Know your customer), you next need to identify your competitors and check how your competitors are doing on digital platforms? What are their target keywords? How many likes/followers do they have on their pages? What is their online spending? How have they created their content/website?

There are two ways to identify the competitors – first is to think of brands we know as per the market with whom we compete, and second is to check on Google which websites appear on top when you look for your product/service.
Google Image

Many times, we feel we don’t have any competition, our product is unique. Still, when we see Google, we discover many businesses ranking on top for your product/service-related keywords.

Once we have listed our competitors, the next step is to check their work on tools and make a consolidated report.
Semrush Data

Choose Platforms

Now you know your buyers’ details and your competitors, so next map their favorite (social) platforms geography-wise. For example, in India, people use Facebook more than Twitter, the same way the stats will be different for other countries. Your audience demographics will define their digital platforms, and so you should decide which platforms will be good/bad for your business growth.

Also, if any platform, for example, Google Ads working for your competitor, it means it should work for you too. You can check their success by trying different paid tools and creating campaigns for your brand accordingly.

Create KPIs

Next thing, defining the KPIs. As a business owner, this should be your task, and the onus should not be on the agency or in-house team. You have your business vision for which you should decide the budget or time to achieve the desired numbers. When you decide KPIs, the agency will be able to give you detailed stats aligning with those goals.

For example, Your target is to achieve 1000 orders in one quarter then inform the same to the agency. Then they’ll analyze and calculate how many leads should be expected from each medium and how much time and effort should be invested in each media. Agency will provide you a projection about how much effort will bring how many outcomes. So, for your 1000 orders in one quarter, they will target 333 leads a month. Then they will calculate how many leads should come from which platform.

Similarly, if the goal is brand awareness, then the agency will explain how much spent will help you gain how many impressions. You can define how much traffic you want from the website, how many new followers/likes you want on social pages, or what kind of content you want to go on your social media.

Sketch a Strategy

Now when you are clear about KPIs and how to track them, it’s time to strategize. This is where you can go to any good digital marketing agency asking for the strategy. You can share your study of competitors, buyer personas, and KPIs. After getting all these details, they will be on the same page as you, and their response time will be swift. Though doing so many things is time-consuming, the chaos and confusion reduce, thus minimizing the gaps and frustration. With such detailed input from you, any agency will work more cautiously, and you will need to invest lesser time later in correcting the things. Overall timings for your project will reduce, and a good rapport will form between you and the agency.

Having done so much research of your business, you will also understand what’s best for your business, and there will be fewer trial-error scenarios and more result-driven work.

As a business owner, you know your business better. Expecting your agency to go and learn from google is not a wise thing to expect. For higher Return on Investment (ROI), your involvement is necessary too. And I guarantee any agency will provide great ROI when you involve too.

Monitor KPIs Performance

Here again, you can define the format of the report for the agency. You can mention what you want to see, and the agency will accordingly report the numbers to you.

Monitor Kpis Performance

For example, you can list KPIs in one column on excel or Google spreadsheet and put months and weeks in the next columns. Share the sheet with the team on Google and ask them to fill it every week.

To Conclude…

If you are looking for success through Digital Marketing platforms as a business owner, you need to invest time with the agency/team. You know your business, customers, challenges, and future goals better than anyone.

The crucial takeaway here is that If we spend time aligning the marketing teams, we get the results and returns. The steps shared above help make the right framework, which helps the agency execute digital marketing in a better way for required and desired results.



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