21 Advantages & Benefits Of SEO For Your Business

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21 SEO Benefits and Advantages

If you have a business website that looks great but is not visible to your customers, moreover, if your competitors seem to steal all the limelight, then what can you do?

There are many options available for online marketing and advertising. Most advertising solutions will cost you to pay for every click you receive on the website.

SEO is the most cost-effective online marketing tactic which will help you to bring the most relevant people to your website.

You will surely want your website to come in the top search results as 75% of the internet users don’t go beyond the first page.

The first five organic results account for 67.60% of all clicks; so, you can imagine the most prominent market potential and the benefits of SEO.

Also, 46% of all searches on Google are for local businesses. This is how SEO can benefit your business and required online exposure. Moreover, out of all these local searches, 28% result in a purchase. It is apparent from the above facts that SEO is one of the best ways to make your website visible for a longer-term and grow your business.

Your website’s SEO success depends on the strategy and the marketing team’s approach, where it strictly needs to stick to white hat techniques, or the website will get vanished. But, following the right procedure, the results you get after SEO will be worth satisfying where you stand a chance to drive a 14.6% conversion rate.

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Here are the Benefits of SEO Optimization For Your Business.

  1. SEO improves your business ROI
  2. SEO builds trust and credibility
  3. SEO drives high-quality traffic to your website
  4. SEO measures success with real numbers
  5. SEO targets every stage of your buying funnel
  6. SEO increases brand awareness among high-value shoppers
  7. SEO generates more leads, sales, and market share for your business
  8. SEO maximizes the success of your PPC campaign
  9. SEO helps you outrank your toughest competitors
  10. SEO addresses all types of the target audience
  11. SEO drives long-term success to you
  12. Top SEO rankings provide 24/7 promotions
  13. SEO influences purchasing decisions
  14. SEO can increase your website referrals
  15. SEO drives offline sales
  16. SEO can give smaller businesses an edge on larger companies
  17. SEO will help you gain market share
  18. SEO will help you break into new markets and opportunities
  19. SEO will increase your social media followers
  20. SEO improves the safety and security of your website
  21. SEO helps in user engagement

Now, Let’s dig deeper to understand the benefits of Search Engine Optimization for small businesses

1. SEO improves your business ROI

Marketers generally claim that SEO is the best investment that you make to grow your business because of the benefits of SEO optimization, but how? Google being the single largest traffic driver, can help any business drive more traffic than any other online platform. And, your website stands a better chance for increased ROI. But why are we saying this?

SEO increases the visibility
High visibility = high click-through rates
High click-through rate = more traffic
More traffic = more leads
More leads = higher conversion
Higher conversion = higher ROI

“ROI = (Customer Lifetime Value – Marketing Investment) / Marketing Investment”

Key performance indicators to consider for evaluating ROI:

  • Your keyword position ranking as compared to your competitor.
    Organic and local SEO traffic.
  • Conversions including calls, forms, subscriptions, email addresses of customers, queries, and purchases.
  • Exit pages which are reflected by high bounce rate
  • Visitors quality including pages per visit, conversion, bounce rate.
  • Domain authority to gauge self-improvement or competitive measurement.
  • Impressions for brand recognition,
  • Referral traffic through links built for SEO

But, from where do you get these?

Run a conversion report through Google Analytics, and you will get a list of conversions along with its value in terms of revenue. Compare these values with your investment on SEO in a specific time period, and then you will get the ROI.

Business ROI SEO

2. SEO Builds Trust and Credibility

From using targeted keywords, adding links, to crafting great shareable content, SEO builds credibility and trust in multiple ways, which takes time. This trust and credibility let people come to your website for more information. You need to take care of certain factors that are essential to building credibility online. The important considerations include the following:

Create useful and quality content and maintain the frequency.

  • Always remain active in your community and join conversations to provide handy inputs.
  • Use About Us section of your website to show off media publications where your business has been featured.
  • Provide your customers with a platform to voice their opinion by creating a separate page.
  • Embed Google Maps on your Contact Us page to give your customers instant attention.

3. SEO drives high-quality traffic to your website

When it comes to driving traffic, it is not only about increasing traffic on your website, instead, it is about driving targeted and quality traffic on your website. Another advantage of SEO is that it helps drive quality traffic, improving your website engagement and conversions. A mix of channels works to drive traffic. It includes online directory listing, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and your website.

You should focus on three critical elements to drive targeted traffic to your website:

  • Keywords- Include long-tail and location-based keywords in your content, meta descriptions, and header tags.
  • Content- Write fresh, clean, well-researched, and long-form content as the ideal length to rank on Google is 2416 words. Here you have the margin to interlink your content with what’s written in the past.
  • Off-Page SEO- Your website gets a top position based on the number of unique domain names linking to your website content. This indicates the number of site owners who are referring to your content. You can also achieve this by guest blogging.

Having a great SEO strategy, including high-quality content and link building, can help you rank your website.

4. SEO measures success with real numbers

When we talk about successful numbers and benefits of SEO, it is important that you should know what’s working for your website and whatnot. Well, numerous factors are contributing to the success of a website. It could be an improvement in traffic, leads, conversions, and improved keyword positions. If you see improvements in all of these, it indicates that you have tasted success.

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5. SEO targets every stage of your buying funnel

When we talk about the buying cycle, there is an ideal flow to it. The flow starts with awareness where people come to your website and recognize your brand. They get aware of your business, and as they find it useful and relatable, they tend to act where they become your subscribers and make a final purchase.

SEO impacts the complete buying cycle as marketers tend to relay the messages for pretty good deals, some cool products, and services, the USP of the product. And to amplify the message, they include targeted keywords which, when clicked, imply user interest that leads to final purchase.

It seems to be the game-changer in the long run. SEO targets the right visitors at every step of the buying funnel, whether it is awareness, research, consideration, or customer loyalty, which then ultimately increase sales. It is a great benefit of SEO for small businesses.

6. SEO increases brand awareness among high-value shoppers

When we talk about building your brand, it depicts your brand image, which is a reflection of your user’s idea of what he thinks of your brand. Your website content plays a major role in creating a specific brand image. SEO helps to create useful and attractive content according to the latest algorithms where Google had rolled out a recent update called BERT sometime ago. The idea behind the update was contextual clarity and delivering relevant results.

SEO helps to clear ambiguity in your content so that users can easily read and understand, which attracts high-value shoppers to your site. Moreover, SEO helps to enhance the site design, utility, and accessibility that make your customers feel good about your brand, and they recognize your brand in a positive light.

7. SEO generates more leads, sales, and market share for your business

SEO, when optimized the right way, shows your content in the top results, which gets your business exposed to targeted users. It is one of the benefits of search engine optimization for your business. Your audience and customers get aware of your products and services and figure out whether the stuff you offer can solve their purpose or not. When he finds that his problems are addressed on your website, then he picks the right solution. Lastly, he evaluates his decision and makes a purchase.

But, how do you get to the targeted audience so that you have more leads and sales?

  • Using more targeted keywords and local keywords will help you drive more traffic, which generates more leads, sales, and market share.
  • Optimize your home page and the inner content of your website.
  • Registering your business in online directories to get more qualified visitors.
  • Build an active blog and create converting content copies for it consistently, which is useful for your customers and do add relevant links to it to build authority.

Figure out the number of leads you can generate from SEO for your business

Lead Estimator Seo

8. SEO maximizes the success of your PPC campaign

SEO and PPC, when worked together, can give your tremendous results as the efforts are to increase traffic, visibility, and generate leads. Both strategies will complement each other.

You can use PPC to refine your keyword strategy. You can identify the most converting targeted keywords and use them in your SEO strategy. You will get effective feedback, and then you can fine-tune your strategies with it.

Moreover, when you optimize the landing page of the website, it enhances the user experience because of the relevant content that includes targeted keywords. This way, you can also improve the relevancy score of your PPC campaigns.

9. SEO helps you outrank your toughest competitors

As you focus on the targeted audience and use targeted keywords to drive traffic in SEO, you will discover different market segments to improve your visibility, traffic, leads, and conversions. All these segments give you millions of opportunities to beat your competitors, where you can create compelling content copies to lure your customers.

Moreover, when you start your keyword research, you tend to spy your competitors to know the keywords they are ranking for; so, you can remodel your keyword strategy to outperform them. You need to make sure that the keywords you are choosing should be based on the higher search volume, profitability, and keyword difficulty.

Apart from this, when you use online tools such as SEMRush, or Ahrefs, you get a list of backlinks your competitors are sharing, which are helping them to rank. You can follow back those relevant links that your competitors are sharing. This way, you can outrank them and reap the benefits of SEO.

10. SEO addresses all types of the target audience

SEO starts with your business understanding, where it is important to know your audience so that a smart and targeted strategy could be developed. It includes important factors like gender, age, range, ethnicity, income level, interest, and attributes.

Well, your audience could be present at multiple selling points such as email, social media, website, e-commerce sites, and other mediums. SEO helps to identify every member of your targeted audience by:

  • Collecting responses from feedback forms, you have on your website
  • Sending follow up surveys
  • Collecting demographic information when a customer makes a purchase

11. SEO drives long-term success to you

SEO is beyond generating traffic that gives your business a new lease of life; otherwise, you will be shoved in this ultra-competitive market. It takes time to rank your website, and the results that you reap out of it are far more stable and satisfying.


12. Top SEO rankings provide 24/7 promotions

Google tends to show your site 24×7 as soon as you start getting visibility. 80% of the people research about any product online before buying. Since your website is showing up every day, you can easily earn passive leads and revenue without getting into the hassle of calling your customers and attending each one of them.

13. SEO influences purchasing decisions

As you know that SEO reaches your customers at every stage, it has the potential to influence the entire buyer’s journey from awareness to building customer loyalty. SEO works on the principle of pull marketing, where it attracts your customers based on the authority, credibility, meaningful and helpful interactions.

Since SEO focuses on delivering the value, it is one of the most essential factors that build your brand online, where everything is optimized throughout the buyer’s journey. Therefore it influences the purchasing decision of a buyer, which makes it apparent that it is a smart investment.

14. SEO can increase your website referrals

If you don’t know what referral traffic is, then visitors coming to your website from some other source is called referral traffic. It is important from the ranking perspective and the benefits of SEO. When a user comes to your website, he completes a social activity by clicking on to your links, which are considered positive by Google because they are coming from a trusted website.

But how can you enjoy more referral traffic?

  • You simply need to publish your website to online directories from where you will generate some quality traffic.
  • Also, publish your website on the review website to spread awareness about your brand.
  • You can also use social media by posting your website links to get referral traffic as your business stand a higher chance of getting referral traffic, according to 89% of the marketers.

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15. SEO drives offline sales

Today’s path to purchase goes from device to voice search to online stores and back again, which gives you ample opportunity for offline conversions as well. You can add call extensions to your website, update Google My Business, and create geo-specific content.

A call to business indicates strong purchase intent on the part of your customers,’ make it easy for them to call you and believe us it will drive insane call conversions. Moreover, two-third of smartphone users purchase from online stores that are customized to their locations. You can create content that calls out the geographic location of your business; it will help you drive converting traffic. Make sure you mention your specific location details into the meta descriptions, headlines, and content body. Also, use images specific to the location of your business. These all also come into local SEO optimization.

16. SEO can give smaller businesses an edge on larger companies

Google has started ranking your content at position zero, which is called snippets that appear at the top of all search results. It contains a direct answer to a search query. People are searching for direct answers nowadays that address their concerns well; so, make sure you answer those queries.

If you optimize your content for featured snippets, then you can outperform big competitors in the market as featured snippets are more attention-grabbing. Include a paragraph of 45 words that convey the message clearly.

17. SEO will help you gain market share

In SEO, market share means online space where websites rank and SEO helps to gain better market share when your website has a higher tendency to appear. All the users who are visiting your website are considered as your leads, and when they feel their issues are being addressed, they may turn into loyal customers.

Well, it increases the website conversions where you enjoy a larger market share where customers will end up either making a purchase or signing up for your memberships. This way, you have a more massive revenue contribution in the overall earning online, which is a clear indication that you enjoy a large market share.

18. SEO will help you break into new markets and opportunities

You will be surprised to know that there are 40,000 searches every second, and 3.5 billion searches per day. So, you can imagine the huge potential online market has, and SEO helps to break the ice.

As the market is getting insanely competitive, businesses need to figure out shoulder niches to survive in the market where SEO plays a crucial role. If you don’t know what shoulder niche is, then it is the topic related to your main subject around which you can create a robust content library to lure the audiences. It is undoubtedly going to create new opportunities for your business.

You need to focus on backlinks to find more shoulder niches, which will get you exposed to a different set of audiences from the traffic coming on other sites. As you address a variety of concerns, people find it appealing, and they feel assured as their concerns are being addressed. This way, you avoid direct competition from the big brands and target their audience, which opens doors to new opportunities.

19. SEO will increase your social media followers

Likes, comments, and shares are the most important actions in SEO. Well, it all revolves around a great piece of content that you write for your website that your audience finds useful. As you post it on social media, it gets shared by everyone, and therefore you get more opportunities for your website to enhance reach and improve visibility. This is how SEO can benefit your business as people tend to notice your content, which helps you increase your social media followers.
Seo Helps In Social Media

20. SEO improves the safety and security of your website

40% of Google’s page one organic search results feature an HTTPS site as it is more secure. Moreover, in 2014 Google had announced security as a ranking factor. Let’s see what Google has to say:

Since then, marketers and SEO specialists started giving weight to security. This way, SEO includes the security feature in your websites and makes it safe for browsing, which is another advantage of SEO.

Moreover, when a customer would visit your online store, you can give your users safe and secure browsing experience. It will enhance customer loyalty and builds authority in the long run.

Secure Browsing

21. SEO helps in user engagement

When it comes to user engagement, writing awesome content will not alone get you higher rankings. You will also need to consider some of the important metrics in SEO. These metrics include high rankings resulting in traffic, lesser bounce rates, more page views, more brand mentions on other high domain authority websites, increased dwell time on your website, and much more.

If your website has all these, then it stands a better chance to attract audience attention and enjoy the benefits of SEO. Moreover, if your website design is attractive and easy to navigate, and it loads in less than 2 seconds, you will have more user engagement and an advantage in SEO rankings.

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The list of SEO benefits for small-medium businesses can go very long and is not limited to only these 21 SEO benefits. If you are facing challenges to grow your business, then start optimizing for search engines, people are more likely to find you on the internet.

If you are also looking forward to creating a sustained online buzz around your business, contact us. We at EvenDigit will help you promote brand recall with SEO. Our team of 40+ professionals who have a record of working for 20,000+ hours will work dedicatedly to help you grow your business online.

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