5 Tools That Will Help You Perfectly Optimize Your Site for Mobile Search

Author : EvenDigit

Tools For Optimising Site For Mobile Search

Look around you; what is the most prominent thing you can see in the hands of people all the time? A mobile phone. With access to the internet, mobile devices have become the easiest way for web surfing. You might even be reading this on your mobile phone. 

So how can you reach your potential customers online? Through a website. Customers are more likely to visit a brand’s website before making a purchase or learn some information. A website acts as a salesperson, available 24/7.

According to a report, 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. But what is the use if they are unable to access the website on their mobile phones? The digital world has shifted from larger to smaller screens, so businesses need to optimize their website for mobile search.


    Why is Optimizing a Website for Mobile Search Important?

    Users visit the website to see your content. But even a slight inconvenience on the website like poor layout, slow function, slow navigation, unloaded images are sure to frustrate them and blow them away.

    According to Search Engine Land, 74% of people are more likely to revisit the mobile-friendly website, and 52% are less likely to engage with a business that is not mobile-friendly. 

    A website is not providing a good user experience can result in low conversions. Not just on the majority of potential customers, but your business will miss out on so much. 

    Whenever a consumer searches for something on Google, it tends to show an ocean of results. But only the top ranking websites attract users. A website ranks on Google SERPs according to its mobile version and if it helps the users and provides them with a good user experience. A website that is not mobile-friendly does not have a chance to rank on Google search results. Which ultimately leads to less web traffic followed by a lower conversion rate. Thus, having a non-user-friendly website is really detrimental for your business.

    It is important to optimize your website for mobile search to

    – stay on top of Google,

     – boost your rank,

    – drive web traffic,

    – provide a good user experience,

    – increase your conversion rate, and

    – meet the visitors’ expectations.

    A thorough process is used to address all the aspects of the website that contribute to making it mobile-friendly, be it the website design, the structure, the page speed, or anything else. 

    But now the question arises how to optimize a website for a mobile? Or how to create a mobile-friendly website? It is possible to create a mobile-friendly website without any fuss with the help of certain tools.

    List of Tools 

    There are plenty of mobile optimization tools that help optimize the website and mobile SEO tools that help improve your Google rank on mobile. It often becomes difficult to decide which one to use. We have listed some tools that will perfectly help you optimize your website for mobile search. Their pricing and features are also included for a quick overview of them.

    Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

    From the name you know, this mobile optimization tool is used to check the mobile friendliness of your website. 


    • Simple & easy to use
    • Lets you see the actual mobile view of your website
    • Takes a minute to run Provides a simple pass/fail grade result along with suggestions & errors
    • Can be accessed through Search Console



    Test My Site

    This one is another mobile optimization tool by google. The tool is for testing the site speed or, let’s say, the time it takes to appear on the device. 


    • Easy to use.
      Not only reveals the degree of optimization but also tells the page speed and usability of the site.
    • Provides recommendations and suggestions.
    • Takes a minute to run a test. 




    PageSpeed Insights Tool

    Don’t you hate it if a web page takes a long to load? It is exhausting, and thus you end up leaving the page. That is what happens with all the users. This fantastic user-friendly tool gives insights into the page speed of the website for mobile search. 


    • Along with speed, it provides user experience rank
    • Provides you ways for how to improve the site speed and make it mobile-friendly
    • Generates a report immediately



    Search Console - Mobile Performance Check

    This mobile SEO tool not only tells you how your website is doing in the eyes of Google but also helps you maintain, track, and troubleshoot your site’s performance. 


    • Provides keyword analysis. 
    • Helps is assessing user interaction. 
    • Tells you which parts of the website are not mobile optimized. 
    • It logs the errors along with suggestions. 
    • Shows your page positioning on search results. 
    • Also shows the link report. 



    BrowserStack Responsive

    A responsive website design enhances the user experience. It helps the business grow as the devices vary from user to user, so the website must be optimized. Using this tool, you can ensure how your website design is displayed across various screens.  


    • Allows you to check website responsiveness for and from various mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. 
    • Simple to use.
    • Gives instant results. 



    Now that you have a list of tools to optimize the website for mobile, are you ready to start? The most important concern while making a website mobile-friendly is to optimize page speed. 40% of the visitors click back if the website does not load in 3 seconds. So you must understand the importance of web page speed. Wondering how to speed up a mobile website?

    How To Speed Up A Mobile Site In 5 Steps

    To help you with it, here is a step-by-step guide that provides you with clear strategies for speeding up your website for mobile search.

    1. Create A Lightweight Mobile Design: Try to create simple navigation and keep the design of your website minimalistic by using white space, single-column layout. You can even reuse the assets and resolutions throughout the website. 
    2. Optimize website data: For increasing the page speed, optimize every aspect of a website like fonts, CSS, and Javascript. 
    3. Use Browser Caching: This has a great impact on speed optimization. Through this, the elements, once loaded, will not require time to load the next time a user visits the website. 
    4. Minify Website’s HTML: Minifying your site’s code script automatically increases the page speed. You do not have to delete anything but fix issues and remove unnecessary and duplicate data. 
    5. Optimize images and videos: Images and videos take the most time to load. Optimizing them will increase the page speed at a much greater rate.


    Your business website is an asset that helps in driving you efficient results. But what is the use of having it if it is not available on mobile devices to consumers? It is equal to being a business without an online presence. And, of course, you do not want to be one of those. As in today’s world, most of the conversions come online. 

    So what are you waiting for? Optimize your website for mobile search right now with these mobile optimization tools to reach your potential customers.