9 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making with Business During COVID-19

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Mistakes Business Make During Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world under lockdown, and as a result, organizations are scrambling to alleviate the economic impact. When we talk about the modern scenario in this health crisis, then, we do have a silver lining in the form of digital marketing owing to its increased connectivity.

Digital marketing is the one-stop solution to minimize the negative economic impact. As of now, everyone has turned to digital marketing, and businesses are struggling to make something substantial out of it. Given the gravity of the current situation where everyone is battling to survive, businesses are making some critical mistakes. Consider the following mistakes before you move ahead:

1. Lack of Client Communication

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are not maintaining proper communication with their clients. But, as a responsible organization, you must take the initiative to address your client’s concerns and ease them by pivoting towards a solution.

For instance, McDonald’s Philippines CEO Kenneth Yang took the help of the digital medium. He delivered a video message addressing the heightened concerns of the consumers. This way, the company understood the intensity of the matter and immediately reached out to its audience to dispel all the rumors and avoid panic.

2. Not Engaging the Clients

Another mistake that businesses are making nowadays is not engaging their clients. It gives the impression that you no longer care for them, and your brand’s deteriorating image hardly matters to you. Notably, at this point, where even missing on a single update would cost you heavy, you must engage your clients by providing the up-to-date information. Let them know the benefits of communicating with you, tell a story, and create helpful content. This way, you can make your existing clients your loyal customers and enjoy a good hold over them in the future.

Walgreens, a pharmacy brand from the United States, is helping its consumers by answering the questions related to COVID-19. They have also started a testing initiative for the first responders.

3. Thinking this is not the Right Time

Many businesses are thinking that this is not the right time to indulge in marketing. However, it might not be the right time for the manufacturing industry as everything has been put on a halt. But, you can surely take advantage of this time if you belong to any other industry.

Take time to reassess your marketing campaigns, streamline all your creative elements, and put it to scrutiny. Decide what should be pushed forward to improve your brand image. Work on all the technical aspects of your website to improve user experience. Consider what campaigns are to be prioritized in the wake of this global health crisis so that it puts forth a positive brand image.

4. Lack of Internal Communication and Interaction

Lack of internal communication and lesser interaction on the part of team members is a common mistake that businesses are doing. It is the reason employees fail to deliver the best. They don’t seem to be as productive as they are expected to be. The probable reasons behind this are the lack of guidance and direction that they usually have when they work in office premises.

So, to streamline your team efforts, you must maintain proper communication with them, whether subordinates or your higher-ups.

5. Don’t Over Capitalize on the Crisis with Offers

Businesses are not taking advantage of the opportunity to promote their offerings. However, this doesn’t mean that you must capitalize on the crisis as it is not the right approach, but at least attempt to keep your clients informed about the latest offers you are providing. Moreover, don’t be an alarmist; instead, be mindful of the message you are conveying. Avoid the use of overly dramatic language instead keep it simple and informative.

6. Stay Active on Social Media

Though social distancing is in, social media has never been out of fashion. Social media is a flourishing avenue for many businesses, and it is going to be the hottest trend in the field of social commerce. Still, some businesses are not using it to inform their customers. Whether it’s new on COVID-19 or news on a national scope, social media gets your message among the masses effectively.

So, stay active on social media and share-worthy articles about your industry. Don’t restrict it to the effects of COVID-19. Instead, you can also write and share about top trends and growth.

Let your clients know that you are providing services. Produce more material that would help to glorify your brand name. You can share your work regimen. Consumers will get to see it in their news feed. This way they will get more material to learn about your services and products.

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7. Keeping Marketing Activities on a Halt

The biggest mistake that businesses are doing is that they are keeping their marketing activities on a halt. You shouldn’t do it and instead, realize the potential to reach new leads.

Search is a proxy to consumer intent, and the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a change in consumer behavior. As a result, their search patterns have also changed. It might be possible that till the time the effect of COVID-19 starts to reduce; the search behavior of consumers would change entirely. So, it’s time for you to stay updated with the top trends and algorithms. We would recommend you to continue your marketing activities; otherwise, you may have to begin from nothing.

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8. Lack of Planning and Strategies

There has been a situation of chaos due to coronavirus outbreak as everything happened suddenly, and the world is put to a rock button. Businesses have lost track and are now taking up random activities in the marketing domain as they were not well-prepared.

All this may prove detrimental in the long run. In such a situation, identify which marketing channels would in your best interest and plan accordingly. Whether you website can attract traffic or not, you must get it checked first. To check the visibility of your website, get a free audit here!

9. Not Investing on Video Marketing

85% of internet users in the United States watch online video content every month. As everyone is locked in their homes, Don’t you think this number may have increased? It is the best time to invest in animated video marketing services and capitalize on this situation.

You would be surprised to know that around 90% of the traffic comes from video content itself. So, the businesses that are not using videos in their marketing are wasting their resources and time. They are losing on a significant market share and are not aware of the revenue they can generate.

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Final Words

A crisis comes with an opportunity; it’s you who need to figure out the way you will use it to your businesses’ best advantage. We hope the points mentioned above would save you from committing a blunder during the biggest health crisis of our times and encourage you to make the most out of this time.