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Out of the 3 types of digital marketing medias, paid media is the most
responsive one. The other two medias; earned and owned takes
relatively longer time to deliver results, thus making paid media a
great source of instant gratification and conversions.



    Why should I Spend my Budget on Paid Ads?

    Paid Ads on digital platforms, just like their contemporaries (print, radio and TV ads) are the best way to creating brand awareness and generating revenue. Studies have shown that 65% consumers, once ready to buy will click on a paid Ad, A customer is 50% more likely to buy from your website if he lands through a paid ad as compared to an organic visitor, Google Display ads are seen by 90% of internet users, Google ads convert 50% better than organic traffic.


    Why Us

    Over 10 years of experience in creating paid Ads

    We are a certified paid team of 15 members

    We are proud Google Ads Partner

    A focussed approach on conversion rate

    Built a strong industry expertise over years of experience

    We have a result-oriented DNA

    20% success rate in paid Ad campaigns

    Paid Ads Platforms

    Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads

    Google gives you a special platform to sell your products apart from the regular text-based Ads. Shopping and product listing Ads on Google support image (of your product), merchant’s name and product’s title which brings to your E-Commerce website a great ready-to-convert traffic. You do not have to spend time on keyword research, Google matches your product with the apt search query. Google Shopping Ads is becoming a popular marketing choice.

    Quora Ads

    Amidst the crowd of social media platforms, Quora is debated to be a part of the social media universe. Well, whatever it is considered, Quora is one of a kind question and answer portal which has drawn a huge number of users from absolutely every walk of life. Quora attracts over 300 million unique visitors every month which makes it a distinctive advertising platform for your business.

    Bing Ads

    Since the beginning of the decade, Bing’s market share has grown by 92%. This makes Bing a rapidly emerging choice for search Ads. On top of that, you can import your Ads from Google to Bing seamlessly.

    YouTube Ads

    Video content would account for 80% of the internet traffic by the end of this decade. This dramatic and enormous rise in video content has already made visual platforms such as YouTube, an important tool for digital marketing. YouTube has a great range of Ad formats such as display Ads, overlay Ads, skippable Ads, non-skippable Ads, bumper Ads and sponsored cards which cater to different objectives, budgets and requirements.

    Amazon Ads

    World’s most valued E-Commerce company is in itself a shopping search engine. Amazon gives an amazing opportunity to its sellers to advertise their products on its website through pay-per-click sponsored products and sponsored brands. Even third-party websites like your own could be linked with sponsored products on Amazon.

    Native Ads

    As much wonder advertisements could do, they have a good potential to irritate a visitor as well. This hampers the efficacy of an ad. Well, here comes the need of Native ads. Native ads are paid ads which sync-in with the media format and doesn’t stand out as contemporary ads, thus becoming a part of the content and reducing the chances of losing the interest of the visitor. There are various platforms which offer native ads such as Redirect, Outbrain, Nativo, Gravity, Taboola and many more.

    Social Ads

    Social platforms have evolved from mere online socializing portals to being the ultimate advertising mediums. Each social media platform has a distinct USP; right from socializing to microblogging, professional networking to sharing photos and cultivating hobbies and generating ideas. Each of the platform offers a unique advertising opportunity to its users.

    Why Our Clients Choose EvenDigit As Their Digital Marketing Company


    Why Paid is important?

    Search engines have become the new Yellow Pages. People search for products and services online and mobile phones forever have changed the way searches are made. You don’t need to have a computer or a laptop to search a thing, a mobile device does it all. The instant availability of information and the immediate action followed by it, has made paid Ads more imperative than ever.

    How long does it take to get results?

    As compared to other marketing channels such as SEO, paid Ads give results faster, yet meaningful results are achieved by constant optimization and testing of ads. You can expect primary results of a paid campaign in a time duration of a week to a fortnight.

    How much you have to pay for a paid campaign?

    To manage your PPC campaign, nominal set-up and an ongoing monthly fee for monitoring and regular reporting is charged.

    Where will my Google Ads be shown?

    The Google Network has 2 main networks; Search and the Display Network. You can choose any of the 2 networks depending on your advertising goals and the ad type.
    On the Search Network, your ads will be displayed with the actual search results on Google, also on other Google properties such as Google Maps and Google Shopping, as well as partner sites that display text ads.
    On the other hand Display Network, display Ads are shown on platforms that are not text-based i.e. platforms such as YouTube, Gmail and other partner sites.

    What is the minimum budget to run Google ads?

    There are several factors which influence the cost of an AdWords campaign.

    How my Ads would be monitored?

    We monitor the results of paid Ads on a regular basis. These results are shared with you in a monthly report at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s activity. This includes the summary and detailed reports of all activities undertaken for the Ad campaign.

    Do we have a Google Partner Badge?

    Yes we do have a Google Partner Badge. A Google Partner Badge means, the agency having this badge has Google AdWords certified employees and the agency have access to their own Google Agency Team, and keep up with the latest AdWords innovations.

    Do you offer services across other PPC platforms as well?

    Yes we offer PPC services for other platforms as well, such as Bing Ads. Interestingly Bing has a 22% share in the overall desktop search traffic.

    Do different paid Ads work better together?

    Paid Ads of different platforms could do wonders together, especially Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Google is known for its behemoth market reach and Facebook offers the most extensive targeting among all the social media channels.

    EvenDigit is a brand name owned by Systematix Infotech- A CMMI Level 3 Company.

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