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Content Ideas
Content marketing brings good quality traffic and potential customers to the landing pages of your business. To take advantage of content marketing, you need to provide good and valuable content for your target audience.

This blog will help you think for better and unique content ideas.

15 Smart Ways to Source Content Ideas

Coming up with new ideas to create content for your marketing strategy always becomes challenging; that’s why we are sharing 15 smart ways to source content ideas for your business’s content marketing strategy:

1. Find Topics in Bulk

Searching for a topic every time before creating any piece of content is time-consuming. It requires a lot of brainstorming, so making a list of content topics is ideal. Invest a good time making a list to make sure to never run out of ideas and all caught up in writers’ block.

2. Search on Google Trends

You can find appropriate trending topics from Google Trends and create content related to your niche. With high searches and popular keywords, you can bring in a lot of traffic and potential customers to your business.

3. Content Ideas on Target Audience Challenges

There is always some purpose behind every content that goes viral that readers and viewers find valuable and share with others. Creating content that provides solutions to the problems and challenges faced by the target audience will increase brand trust.

4. Create a How-To Series, Videos, or Blogs

About 10 million people start their queries with “how-to” to discover and learn new things on the google search engine. How-to series, videos, or blogs bring in a lot of leads for your business. Readers trust in you and your brand.

5. Repurpose Your Own Content (Repost with Updated Data)

Whenever you lack imagination to plan something new, you should go through the previously shared content, which can be used as an idea to create a new one revolving around the topic.

6. Focus on Trending Social Media Marketing Hashtags

Hashtags serve the purpose of keywords on social media platforms. Trending hashtags bring a lot of potential customers to a brand. Using them to create related content will help you get maximum exposure and engagement for your brand.

7. Use Multiple Research Tools

 Many tools help in finding topics related to your niche, providing proper analysis of your keywords, and helping in creating, managing, and promoting your content.

8. Check Your Analytics and Social Page Insights

Analytics and insights help you understand the behavior and interests of your audience, that helps in planning and creating the following content accordingly.

9. Focus on General Forums and Q&A Platforms

Forums may be old-fashioned but are a great source for finding ideas for your content plan. You can get various topics with the help of forums. It will help you easily identify the challenges and trends in your niche.

10. Focus on YouTube Industry-Specific Videos

Start typing the topic in the search box of YouTube to find lots of industry-specific videos by which you will get plenty of ideas to curate new content. You can look for comments and other engagement on each video to understand the target audience more clearly and specifically.

11. Competitors’ Websites

If you share the same target audience, the best content strategy for the competitors will also work best for you. You can get content ideas from competitors’ blogs, social media posts, videos, etc.

12. Google Alerts and Google News

Google Alerts and Google News are great resources for content marketing. You can set alarms on specific keywords to receive news, products, and other information, making it easy never to miss any topic related to your niche.

13. Industry Statistics

Industry statistics provide you with niche markets valuable information that will help guide the path for your strategy to make sure it works. Sign up for newsletters, read research papers and solution guides provided by industry experts or leaders to learn more about what’s trending.

14. Local Business Networking Events

Local business networking events may sound boring, but they can be great for your content ideas. Try to interact with more people whenever you go out for a networking event. Attending these events will give you a lot of content and help you find out what’s going on in the industry.

15. Customer Reviews

You can use customer reviews to identify customers’ demands in your niche industry and what they need to change concerning the products and industry. Any questions by your customers and other target audiences can lead to content.

Conclusion: Devise a Content Marketing Strategy For Your Business!

We know that creating content and reaping the benefits from content marketing strategies is not easy. We’ve shared 15 smart and unique ways to find content ideas that will steer your efforts in the right direction.

But to skyrocket your business with content, you will need to have a content marketing agency that will grow your business with proper marketing strategies.

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