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    Is Your Shopify Store Lacking In Search Engines Like Google?

    Today customers who make up your target audience love to browse the internet to figure out what they want. Obviously, you can’t afford to fail in ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing which can be hazardous for your business.

    Hiring a Shopify SEO expert could be the best way to unleash your E-Commerce website’s full potential. Driving sales by improving search engine visibility has been of utmost importance. This is the reason for the exponential growth most of the E-Commerce websites.

    EvenDigit, as a Shopify SEO company helps your e-commerce store rank high in search results thus placing your brand at the top in customer’s psyche. Also, the E-Commerce businesses are benefited by the simple and convenient approach of the Shopify SEO companies in terms of improved traffic, sales, and online presence.

    As a Shopify SEO expert, we work on creating a strategic approach to understand how search engines rank websites specifically in case of eCommerce where we have huge platforms in competition like Amazon, Etsy etc. Our Shopify SEO service improves the search engine visibility of your store which eventually drive sales to your store.

    So now that you know the importance of hiring a Shopify SEO expert what is it that is holding you back from making a good choice? Collaborate with us to rank your Shopify store! Talk to our Shopify SEO experts

    What You Should Expect When You Hire a Shopify SEO Company?

    When you are wondering what are the Shopify SEO services that you should expect as you hire an agency then, successfully appears these deliverables:

    • Detailed keyword research of all the E-Commerce products, categories and services

    • Research and implementation of technical Shopify SEO

    • Site speed improvement of Shopify

    • Comprehensive link analysis

    • Conversion rate optimization

    • Creative and consistent content strategy

    • SEO reporting and much more.

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      Our Conscious & Countless Efforts To Improve Your Shopify SEO

      Websites take time to familiarize with the process of SEO, as a result implementing on-page SEO for Shopify could be a little tricky. Hence, we make use of advanced strategies to improve visibility on Google and other search engines.

      Choosing Shopify SEO services is a sure way to success that has such SEO advantages for which you need to follow the above strategies.

      As a Shopify SEO expert we make every effort so that your website ranks high in SERPs. Here are the crucial areas that we work on to make your website look appealing:

      Title Tags, Headers, and Meta Description are taken utmost care while formatting the content along with proper usage of meta descriptions to deliver a tremendous user experience.

      We incorporate high-intensity search terms into the copy of the homepage and product pages to make the content more informative and unique.

      What rules the SEO world is a high number of inbound links rather the word count. We build internal links, facilitating the users navigate between pages and let them discover more about your products and services.

      In order to hold the website ranks at good position, we try maintaining the flow of healthy link juice by acquiring backlinks from trusted sites.

      We secure your website with data encryption to ensure better sales with safety as any E-Commerce website without HTTP is considered unsafe by Google and other search engines.

      Optimizing blog posts with a sound strategy that includes regular and consistent blog posts along with appropriate tags contributes to the enhanced user experience.

      We accommodate image searches by adding descriptive alt text that helps users find what they are looking for and thus, add relevancy to the search queries.

      From automatic sitemap generation to built in headers are some of the SEO friendly features of Shopify that are implemented in the process of site creation.

      Make sure that your buyers have a postive user experience with the help of custom 404 page that provides them with the means to continue searching for products or return to the homepage.


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