Why SEO Is Important For Your Business Growth?

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SEO Business Growth

Today in the era of the internet, someone who starts a business online, he or she hopes to achieve growth in no time. To gain quick results, people often end up committing silly mistakes. One such grave mistake is investing your whole budget on single marketing activity.

To get instant gratification, marketers often spend most of their budgets on ads and only ads. Well, ads do bring a lot of revenue, but a major shortcoming of ads is the incoming stops once the ads stop. A marketing objective should encompass the quality of short as well as long-term results and to achieve it a marketer should go for a ‘mixpic’ i.e a proper blend of organic and paid marketing.

“do not put all your eggs in one basket”

Search Engine Optimization is one such marketing technique that gives you long term benefits even when you stop paying.

Today, a lot of brands have grown a myopic approach toward SEO and feel it is restricted to backlinks and traffic only. However, SEO is not confined to backlinks and traffic, it revolves around improving the user experience, fixing technical errors and optimizing the content quality of your website. Many studies have proven that SEO can have a better ROI than traditional forms of marketing.

Why SEO Should Be A Prominent Part of Your Marketing Campaign.
Here are the reasons why you need SEO to market your business:

Builds Trust & Brand Awareness

While you have gained top positions for your targeted keywords, the users start recognizing your logo, themes, and colors of your website which creates a positive reputation. This strong brand recall creates a deep impact in the minds of the users and they start using your services/product more frequently, which in turn builds trust.


The best way to measure the results of SEO is by measuring the organic traffic and top positions of keywords on SERP. There is a myriad of other parameters as well to understand the complete effectiveness of SEO done on your website which can be checked out in Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.

Optimal User Experience

Every business is running for getting maximum traffic and better keyword rankings but very few of them realize the value of user experience. A user has a clear vision of what he or she wants from a website and if it doesn’t fulfill the intent of the user, they will bounce. This creates a negative user experience for the website and Google algorithms are smart enough to catch that. A positive user experience is a sign of quality SEO work done on the website.

Affects Buying Cycle

According to Accenture, an estimated 94% of B2B buyers said they search online before making a purchase. People search on the internet for information and if your SEO-optimized website answers the search queries you earn a new customer. On every stage of the buying cycle, SEO acts as a key component.

Final Thoughts

There is a direct connection between your SEO efforts and revenues, it is up to your understanding on how you can use SEO to generate results in quick time.