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Search Engine Optimization

Be found at the right time, with the right rank. Our professional
SEO services make your website’s presence stronger in the ocean
of searches with white-hat SEO strategies and best practices.

Do I Need SEO for My Business?

Organic searches are one of the major sources of traffic to your website. To get this traffic, your website should rank in SERPs and here comes the need of SEO. As compared to other marketing tactics, SEO has a long term effect and you don’t need to pay for every click. SEO helps your website get visibility on searches, builds trust and credibility and increases engagement, eventually resulting in more conversions.


Why Us

A professional SEO agency with a 25+ in-house team of SEO experts.

10 years of rich SEO experience.

100% work transparency.

Readily available technical team for on-page SEO suggestions.

We only deploy white hat SEO strategies.

Devise strategies for short term as well as long-term goals.

Multifaceted result focus that covers traffic and leads along with rankings.

Upgraded with the latest SEO trends and algorithm updates.

80% Success Rate.

Our Systematic SEO Approach


Project Brief

The first and foremost is to understand your business. Coherently we move forward to apprehend your business goals, target audience, buying behaviour, target location, business USPs and more.

Keyword Research

The prerequisite for an advance SEO strategy is a solid keyword research and that is embedded in our DNA. Our SEO specialists carry out an extensive keyword research and shortlist them.

SEO Audit

Every website has technical glitches and before deploying an SEO strategy, it is imperative to spot the areas of improvement. We do a detailed technical SEO analysis of your website to detect and ameliorate your website to make it search engine-friendly.

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis gives deeper and valuable insights on SEO initiatives undertaken by the other players in your industry. We do a comprehensive competitive SEO analysis of backlinks, website structure, pages, and keywords as well.

User Experience Analysis

One of the major factors that have a significant impact on your website metrics is the user experience (UX). Our SEO experts decode the user experience through finer aspects such as user journey and spot those UX areas which should be improved.

Building an SEO Strategy Implementation Improve Backlink Profile Analysis, Review & Reporting

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Other SEO Services

SEO Health Checkup Report

Just like you undergo routine health checkups to understand if there are anomalies in your body, similarly, your website also needs to undertake a checkup. We offer a comprehensive analysis of your website that gives you an insight into the problems in the website followed by suggestions which have an impact on crawlability, indexation, and rankings of the website.

SEO Consulting

You might have an in-house SEO team or you simply want someone to guide your SEO efforts in the right direction. Well, whatever might be the case, we are here to extend our rich experience and technical expertise in SEO to you as an SEO consultant.

SEO Penalty Recoveries

Google has its strict guidelines against unethical SEO practices, not adhering to which can attract penalties from the search engine known as manual penalties. At times these penalties could be a result of an algorithmic change at Google’s end. These tweaks result in algorithmic penalties. We offer you to you recover from such deliberate and unforeseen SEO mishaps.

Keyword Research

Although there are many keyword tools available which help in designing an SEO campaign by showing up keywords, a keyword research is not restricted only to tools. A sound keyword research is a mix of experience, creativity and the use of the tool. An exclusive keyword research service is offered by us to help you draw a great SEO campaign.

Local SEO

Given the extensive nature of ‘search’, it is pointless for your business to compete for organic rankings for a widespread geography. Here comes the need of Local SEO. Local SEO for your website helps you rank in the local search which brings relevancy to your SEO efforts.

International SEO

Just like Local SEO focuses on ranking search results in a specific area or location, International SEO helps in ranking your website in SERPs targeted for multiple countries. We offer our SEO services to rank your website in specific desired international markets.

Competitor Analysis

In today’s cutthroat market, it is imperative to understand how your competitors are performing. You need to know where you are standing as against your competitors. Our SEO specialists provide an extensive competitor analysis such as data of competitors’ backlinks, top keywords, top performing pages and other factors that are making the difference.

Link Profile Audit

Achieving backlinks is one of the most important components of SEO. At the same time getting the ‘right’ backlinks is as important as getting backlinks because the quality of the backlinks directly hits the website rankings. We offer our backlink profile audit service exclusively to check if your website rankings are low due to bad backlinks and get rid of them to help your website rank up.


    Why Our Clients Choose EvenDigit As Their Digital Marketing Company


    Why You Need SEO?

    90% people prefer to click on the organic results on Google.
    ‘Search’ has become a truly integral part of our lives. The day is filled with hundreds of micro-moments; either you want to learn something or watch or simply buy something, for everything, you turn to a device. To get a perspective on how massive these searches are, consider the fact that Google alone reports over 3.5 billion searches every day worldwide. That is almost half of the population of the world.
    Hope now it is easier to gauge the power of search and the eminent need of being found in top results.
    SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your website rank up in the search results organically and thus helps customers connect with your business.

    Do you offer any rankings guarantees?

    You might have heard of “guaranteed results” but let us tell you, it’s a myth. Google says “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google” and warns to “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings”. 100% guarantee, is just as true as fiction. EvenDigit is a white hat SEO agency which offers only ethical and professional SEO services.

    How long have you been doing SEO?

    We have 10+ years of experience in managing SEO for small, medium and large websites having millions of monthly visitors.

    When I can see the results/what is the timelines for results?

    The results of organic campaigns take time and thus the traffic to your website cannot be gained in a day or two. After implementing on-page SEO suggestions, it usually takes 5-6 months to see an increase in website traffic.

    How do you measure your success?

    We monitor the website’s organic traffic, conversions, clicks and impressions in Google Search Console.

    How are you different from other SEO agencies?

    • 10+ years of experience and servicing the clients from across the globe.
    • We deploy only white hat and ethical SEO tactics.
    • Have a rich experience of working on small, medium and large websites.
    • A wide spectrum of industry experience such as Packaging, Automotive, Translation, Travel, Education, eCommerce, Manufacturing to name a few. 
    • A dedicated account manager acts as a liaison with the SEO team.
    • Handpicked websites for an effective link outreach.
    • Regular review meetings with the client make us stand out as a professional SEO services agency.
    • Lastly, we have a clear, structured and a well-defined process.

    How often could I communicate with you?

    Typically in the first month, 4 weekly meetings would be great, as it helps in the quick understanding of early expectations. Thereafter, one meeting a month would be adequate for an effective review and monitoring. You could connect to us VIA Email/Skype/Google Hangout.

    What different access you will need (Website admin/GA/Search console)?

    We would require website admin/FTP/cPanel access to make on-page SEO changes on the website. For ongoing SEO, Google Analytics and Search Console access of your account is a prerequisite.

    EvenDigit is a brand name owned by Systematix Infotech- A CMMI Level 3 Company.

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