How to Build an Effective Content Marketing Strategy in 2020?

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Content Marketing Strategy In 2020

Content marketing is claimed to generate thrice the leads than any traditional marketing at 62 percent lower cost. This is the reason it’s proved to bring great results for the companies. Whether it’s traditional marketing or the way we had been doing content marketing till now, everything has evolved and changed with time.

We are not going back to anything. We’re not going back to dial-up phones; we’re not going back to anything ancient. The old must give way to the new. The new must come in with intensity, with innovation, with great fury and speed.

Henry Rollins, During his presentation at content marketing world 2019

Despite the great momentum that content marketing has gained, the question is, “what next” in the game.

Why is content marketing important?

Earlier content was used as a medium to establish a different identity for your brand, but now it has become a necessity. The necessity has made content the king. This king helps to connect with his audience better and builds trust that improves the brand reputation altogether. When it comes to improving website conversions, content provides 6 times higher conversions than any other marketing method. Also, the optimized content helps improve search visibility which makes it an effective SEO technique. So, remember, your audience and leads want great content, take this opportunity to showcase your brand’s expertise and get started.

How to create a content marketing strategy 2020?

A content marketing strategy includes the roadmap that include the type of content you will create to attract, retain, and convert your users into customers. The tricky process also involves the marketing channels where you will promote your content. It is a three tier process that includes:
1. Research and content creation
2. Content promotion and distribution
3. Monitoring the performance

Research and Content Creation

Start with a goal
A great content marketing strategy starts with a definite goal as it creates a focus and makes it easier to measure the success at the end. Your goals may include: brand awareness, lead acquisition, lead nurturing to retain the existing users, customer acquisition, and sales. As goal is the first action you take while defining a strategy, it’s the core of the process that determines your content type, promotion, and monitoring.

Research about your audience
Research is nothing, but poking with a purpose so after you have defined your goal, try understanding your targeted audience. Understand who will exactly consume your content, what your audience prefer, from where your audience consumes content; is it Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, apps, Snapchat, Twitter, or do they prefer attending in person events?

Use demographics like age, gender, location, job title, and psychographics like attitude, belief systems, values, and interests to completely understand your ideal audience.

Brainstorm content ideas and keyword research
Create a content marketing calendar to set your own agenda like other great marketers do. Since content calendars are directly tied to your goals, you need to ace your content plan. It includes the following:
– Content marketing activities
– Frequency of publishing content
– Team members responsible for each activity
– Content format
– Publishing dates
– Due dates of content
– Promotion channels

It would help to keep track of the progress of activities and regularity in publishing content while making the process smooth and productive.

Apart from this, turn to keyword research to create a niche in your content. To satisfy your targeted audience, start with understanding their needs, search keywords and refine the list through keyword research tools to know the results. This way you will get to know as to what makes most sense to your business goals. Prioritize the keywords on the basis of search volume, difficulty level, and the scope of opportunities. Lastly, craft your content outline while using the top keywords that serve your audience’s needs and your business goals. This helps to create a killer SEO-friendly content that has the potential to drive mass traffic.

Content promotion and distribution

Social Media
Social media is continuously evolving and providing new ways for the audience to interact. Stories forms a major part of social media that more than a billion people use it everyday. Brands use location specific pages to connect with the local market in order to promote local events and specific deals. Facebook 360, Facebook Canvas, and other AR, VR tools will be used to showcase content.

Customized content on social media encourages audience to participate in campaigns and trigger immediate reaction. Also, social media has paved the way for product discovery that may include product name and price. By 2020, most of the searches will be through images or speeches. So brands need to team up with social media influencers to promote their products and services and make social media a part of their content marketing strategy 2020.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing guarantee steady return on investment. Contributing user generated content via email promotes credibility and improves conversion. In order to gain feedback, brands should use email marketing that would help to secure the much sought after content. Use key interactive email elements such as animated button, call to actions, product carousels, surveys, polls, and interactive content to make email marketing more functional and promote engagement.

Paid Ads
Pay to play model is gaining momentum these days. Even after a huge fan base you will have to spend some dollars to get people to see your content. However, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money even a small $5 can solve the purpose if you are about to experiment with different media. Start with developing audience persona, retarget your existing audience, and your competitors.

Guest post
Pick relevant guest blog sites to derive effective results from your blogs. Create a list of blogs/websites that you will consider and start targeting these guest blog sites on the basis of the following:
– Similar niche
– Domain authority
– Growing traffic
– Author’s bio
– Quality of content
– Type of content(does the website has all the paid content or it is actually a well known brand)

This would help you identify high quality sites. You can use Google search operator to find such sites, but remember you have to be highly unique in your content approach. Also, don’t forget to reply to all the comments, stay vigilant and active on this part as this builds trust.

Discussion Forums
To promote your content on forums, seek influencers in your niche. Contribute to all discussions that they choose to contribute. After a few messages you can request for a backlink or ask them to review your website. Start with controversial topics to set the flames high and try to be engaging to each of the influencer that has something to contribute in the discussion. Never forget to add a link to your blog post in the discussion forum.

Measuring your performance

To track your campaign’s performance you need to identify different metrics as your business goals change so does these. The metrics may indicate brand awareness, lead acquisition, retaining old users, or any such other goals. As soon as you identify the metrics reflecting certain goals you will soon start understanding the results of your campaign. Set up Google Analytics to track where your traffic comes from. You can set up pixels on your site to track social media advertising. This way you will know the weak areas and scope of improvement so as to optimize your campaign to achieve desired results.

What type of content your audience will prefer in 2020?

The vision of content marketing in 2020 has urged digital marketers come up with fresh, meaningful, and compelling perspectives to spark conversation at mass level. It includes written, audio, visual, or event oriented content that represent your brand voice.
Content Marketing In 2020

EvenDigit’s Take

Be it content developers, strategists, or writers all are finding an optimal way to create content in 2020. The level of innovation that we are through represents content as a story that’s scalable, measurable, and clearly communicated, which seems exciting. No matter what the medium is, everyone has a journey (Content) and that journey has to be communicated and expressed in order to be heard by all communities. It’s up to you how you do it.

Use the above mentioned points to develop a sound content marketing strategy for your business in 2020. Let us know if you want a killer content marketing strategy to grow your business.