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How an Explainer video company can help you to appeal millennials instantaneously!

As per studies, people aged between 25-40 forms the biggest part of your website traffic. 80% of them walk away when they do not see a video on your landing page. They prefer to watch an Explainer Video rather than reading text to know a business.

Videos are the most engaging mediums to use and get 1200% more shares than image and text content. A professional video company makes it possible with pro animation & designing softwares, multiple human resources, talented script writers & voice over artists, high quality recording service and requires client involvement only at initial stage. That’s what makes your business the best!

Here are 11 Undeniable Reasons People Love 3D, Animated, Whiteboard & Explainer Videos

  • 83% of businesses say homepage Explainer Video services are effective.
  • 97% of marketers say Explainer Videos has helped in increasing users' understanding of their product or service.
  • With Whiteboard Animation Video expect 20% increase in page visits and a decrease in page bounce rates.
  • 90% of the Company’s information is transmitted visually with 3D Animated Videos.
  • Best Explainer Video Company can get you 157% organic traffic with search results.
  • 72% of Companies who use Explainer Videos believe that it has improved the conversion rate of their website.
  • A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes a video.
  • It is possible to get 66% of more qualified leads yearly with Explainer Videos.
  • A Whiteboard Animated Video has a 15% higher retention rate.
  • 64% of Company owners say Explainer Videos boosted sales.
  • 56% of consumers believe that a Company should have Explainer Video Content on its website.

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Ramp-up Marketing with Explainer Videos or lose

Without consulting the Best Explainer Video Company your business will be left with only 18% of online traffic till 2022. To make your websites organic traffic jump to more than 82% consult for Explainer, Whiteboard and Animated Services to attract the consumers.

Your business will produce only 28% of sales if not updated with trending service of Video Creation Company.

You can lack behind in the race of generating ROI, whereas companies who use Best Explainer Video Services generate revenue 49% faster than a non-video user company.

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10 Virtue of Video Marketing That Will Help in Your Business Growth

10 Virtue of Video Marketing That Will Help in Your Business Growth

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When you include an Explainer Video on your website, you brace yourself to appeal to millions of youth, who love things that are Simple, Short and Concise.

We are an explainer video company that can give you Explainer videos that are going to be the best replacement for your traditional Presentations. It will convey the same idea and message to your audiences as a presentation but in lesser time. Your viewers will be more engaged with the compact form of knowledge exchange.

Our package will include striking animation, thought invoking creative script, HD sound quality music with stunning sound effects like water, air breeze, bells and many more. We also do graphic designing using vector high quality vector images and multilingual voiceover recording in the way you need. We are among the top-most animated video production companies where a team of skilled professionals who are all aces in their respective traits do all the work for you.

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Of course, the mindful beings who invest themselves very carefully will not yawn watching a 60 to 90 seconds Explainer Video rather than going through your 50 to 70 slide long business presentation to acquaint with you.

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We are a resoundingly successful video animation company that has delivered 215,400 seconds of Explainer Videos.

60% were 60-90 seconds long
= 96,930 seconds

30% were 120 seconds long
= 64,620 seconds

10% were longer than 2 minutes
= 53,850 seconds

Researchers also suggest that 60-90 seconds make up an ideal duration to invoke, aware, engage and sustain the viewers. Lead generation and Conversion gets easier for brands when they use this long Explainer Video. Remarketing with this much long Explainer Videos helps in Reselling, Upselling and Cross Selling to the loyal customers.

We are a Global Explainer Video Company that has served 38 nations with major number of project deliveries in

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