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Content Marketing

One of the oldest forms of marketing is content marketing. In the digital age, it has evolved into a must-have marketing technique with a huge range of formats such as blogs, infographics, newsletters, podcasts, videos, white papers, e-books etc.


    Why do I need content marketing for my business?

    The future belongs to content marketing. By the end of the decade the global spending on content marketing is estimated to be $300 billion which would be just double of what it was in the mid 2010’s. As compared to traditional marketing, content marketing costs 62% less, Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as paid search advertising, 60%of marketers create at least one piece of content every day.

      Why Us

      Country-specific English

      Wide range of content

      Focussing on optimizing content to improve user retention

      Creating result generating content—leads, traffic, branding

      Comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing

      How we devise a content marketing strategy for your business?

      Our content marketing approach is not just randomly creating content for you, we create content in sync with content marketing business goals and objectives, buyer personas of your product/service, position of your customer in the sales funnel.

      Content Marketing Goals

      Every marketing effort has to have a goal or an objective behind it. A goal could be as small as getting trial sign ups or as critical as a conversion, the content however is completely different for each goal. We tailor make content, specific to your goal intended.

      Content - Customer journey

      A customer journey is a process of the customer’s buying passage with multiple touch points and stages. This journey is known as the sales funnel. Before pitching a content to a customer it is very important to spot the stage he/she is at. We create the content based on the stage of the funnel, the customer is.

      Content Publishing

      As much important the content is, so is its placement. There is a range of social media platforms available today, but not every platform is similar. The right placement of the content on the right social media platform has a huge impact on engagement and conversion. Not every content can be published on every platform. We create content specific to the social media platform your brand needs.

      Customer Journey Content

      Awareness stage content

      The very first and the widest stage of a sales funnel is the awareness stage, it is the universe of your target audience. We create content apt for the awareness stage such as blogs, social posts, whitepaper, Ebooks/EGuides, checklists, infographics, webinars etc.

      Decision stage content

      The last stage of the funnel is the decision stage where your potential customers convert into customers by buying your product/service. The content for this action-inducing stage should be stimulating. We create live demos, case studies, product reviews, testimonials, product literature and much more.

      Consideration stage content

      The next stage of the sales funnel is the consideration stage. This stage is narrower than the awareness stage as only a bulk of your target audience move ahead in the funnel. These audience are a part of your potential customers. At this stage we create content in line with the buyer personas of your potential customers such as product webinars, case studies, FAQs, demo videos, comparison charts, podcasts, expert guides etc.

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