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Xtend Outdoors A Growth Story in Leaps and Bounds

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Problem Statement

Xtend Outdoors, previously known as Australia Wide Annexes, is an Australian owned and operated caravanning company. It is a leading name in Australia for camping accessories such as premium annexes, awnings, accessories and offers installation services as well. Australia Wide Annexes is synonymous to outdoor camping activities. Apart from the brick and mortar store, AWA started to cater customers online as well with a buying option website.

Although going strong, AWA was still not getting the desired results and the reasons were:

  • The website was mired with duplicate content
  • The website had too many unwanted pages
  • There were broken and hidden links throughout the website
  • Incorrect pages ranked in SERPs
  • Bad backlinks


Like every action has equal and opposite reaction, the shortcomings on the website impacting the performance badly.

  • The duplicate content was hampering keyword rankings and the online reputation, which in turn was badly impacting the user experience.
  • Due to the indexing of the unwanted pages, the other important web pages of the website were not securing ranking on Google.
  • Due to incorrect page rankings the users were landing on the homepage for all the search phrases, which resulted in increase of bounce rate.
  • The broken links were hampering the user experience as they were landing on pages that didn’t exist in the website.
  • Creating hidden links on the other hand is against Google’s policies and thus again a big hurdle for the keywords to be ranked.
  • Bad backlinks were again obstructing the rankings in the SERPs as the backlinks were coming from spammy and untrusted sources.

Solutions Implemented

To get the desired results from the website, a myriad of fixes were made.

  • Firstly, the content on the website pages was run for plagiarism and all the duplicate content was eliminated.
  • Unwanted pages were removed, URLs were restructured and optimized heading tags, footer design, sitemaps, title and meta description tags, images and their alt texts to make the right pages rank on the SERPs. This also decreased the bounce rate of the pages.
  • Thirdly, the broken links were removed for better user experience. To get rid of hidden links the website architecture was changed which resulted in a better navigation for the users.
  • To fix the bad backlinks directory, search engine, and article submissions were made. Further, new and unique content was also created which helped in link building.

AWA grows leaps and bounds

The fixes made, brought about a range of changes.

  • About after four and half months, for certain targeted keywords the website ranked at number 1 position on the first page of Secured top 3 rankings for five of such targeted keywords and 1st page ranking for several other keywords.
  • Within the same time period the total organic traffic of the website shot up by 36%. The traffic on Annexes and Awnings pages increased by 395% and 500% respectively.
  • With constant blogging, high quality backlinks creation and website content updation, secured a growth of 33,737% in organic traffic till they decided to go for a universal domain.

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