How Pretty Little Designs earned 20000+ organic visits in 5 months?

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Problem Statement is an online space organizing company that lets you get organized by creating fabulous labels, wedding decals, giftware and a huge range of miscellaneous personalized items. Based in the beautiful coastal city of Mandurah, Pretty Little Designs offers its products Australia-wide. Deanna, the creator of Pretty Little Designs launched its website in the mid 2017.

The website acquired ranking on product keywords on the 1st page on Google SERP, however was not getting the desired benefits. On scrutiny the following reasons were identified for the low rankings:

  • Website was not SEO-friendly
  • Poor keyword strategy
  • Less website content
  • No backlinks


The technical issues in the website and no backlinks were the prime hurdle for which the website was not ranking. The keywords used in the website were not having any search volume, hence the competition on those keywords was too low. The website was missing some potential opportunities for new pages such as product category pages.

Solutions Implemented

We started working on this website from May 2018. The SEO team initiated with the detailed audit of the website to identify errors such as incorrect URL structures, broken links, content duplicacy, internal links and image optimization etc.

The team simultaneously created product category pages which were missing and optimized the already existing content on the website. A website gains authority not by simply having backlinks, but by having quality backlinks. The next step was to create high-quality backlinks that would bring domain authority to the website.

Pretty Awesome Growth

From a mere 97 backlinks our SEO team created 3067 backlinks which gave a boost to the Moz domain authority score of the website which jumped from 0 to 18.

Web PageDAPAMoz Rank

After a hard work of 5 months on the new keywords strategy, 60% of the targeted keywords ranked in top 10 results of Google SERP.

By the end of 5 months of project improvement there was a tremendous growth in the organic traffic which eventually led to a increase in sales. The website traffic increased by 136% that resulted in an 81% swell in the revenue.

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